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By: Pacific Fans  06-Dec-2011

Axial Flow Fans

AXIAL FANS (Stainless Steel Casings)

These Axial Fans are used for ventilation of small enclosures with short ducts and offer a wide range of solutions to ventilation problems. Three sizes available 300, 350, 400mm diameter.


Stainless Steel casing, stainless fittings, aluminium motor and polypropylene blade (adjustable pitch) complete a non-corrosive unit.

AXIAL FANS (Hot Dipped Galvanised Casings)

AXIAL FANS in the 500mm to 1200mm range are available on application.

Pacific Fans Limited can assist customers and potential customers in fan selections for particular applications.  Performance Curves and Technical Data will be provided, along with quotations in specific cases.


Standard Casings are mild steel, hot dipped galvanised (HDG), designed for direct drive.  Impellers are either Polypropylene or Aluminium, depending on particular applications.  Blade pitch angles are adjustable from 8 to 32 degrees.

Motors complying with the appropriate standards for single and three phase power supply are available in specific cases and details will be supplied on application.

  • Performance Curves
  • Technical Data
  • Dimensions


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Pacific Fans can call on many years of experience in the Air Movement Industry, so our advice can be relied on absolutely by its customers, industry professionals, trades people and retailers seeking advice.The three areas in which we are most often asked for help are. Correctly designed and installed configurations will ensure maximum efficiency of the fan and the user will appreciate benefits in both the system effectiveness and running costs.


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