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By: Oxcyon  06-Dec-2011

From a bird's eye view, all organizations regardless of their industry, have the same basic need. They need to centralize their information, and then distribute it through the web by Audience to each user based on their rights. Audiences could represent stand alone websites, departments, regions, or districts. Whether users are subscribers, readers, patients, teachers, nurses or doctors, serve unique designs and filter what each group see. Centralpoint handshakes with AD, LDAP or SSO to deliver the right information and design to the right user.  Centralpoint is a market ready, easy to use framework which lets all verticals take advantage of these horizontal best practices, while leveraging many vertical modules for your industry.

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81% is an average based on an internal report conducted comparing the traditional development of past initiatives of our clients and the development time investment of Centralpoint-based initiatives. Centralpoint will work with information professionals at customer sites to develop processes and standards for use with Centralpoint's technology in an integrated discovery-mining environment.