Oven Magic

By: Oven Magic  06-Dec-2011
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We clean ovens, stoves, rangehoods, BBQs, fridges, freezers and other greasy appliances!

What you can expect when we clean your oven
  • You don't need to do anything as we bring all the product and equipment necessary
  • The job usually takes between two and three hours. However, with more complex ovens it could take longer
  • The oven racks and other removable parts are taken out and soaked in a large tray
  • The oven surfaces are not sprayed but rather painted with a strong solution. This means that, as there are no obnoxious fumes, small children and animals do not need to be taken out of the house. This is also particularly welcome for people who have respiratory allergies
  • All surfaces are rinsed thoroughly to remove the product and at the end they are wiped with citric acid to neutralise any caustic that may remain. Furthermore, as the oven has not been sprayed there is none of the white residue which is often left after use of standard oven sprays. As a result, there is no strong smell when you turn on the oven. Nevertheless, we recommend that you turn the oven on for about 10 minutes before beginning to cook
  • Please be warned that in some cases, where the oven has heavily burned-on matter, we will not be able to remove the worst of it. We do guarantee however, that all grease and grime will have been removed and your oven is as clean as it can get

Keywords: Bbqs, Fridges, Ovens, Rangehoods