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By: Outwide  06-Dec-2011

Notion - our specialist content management product

Content management is rapidly emerging as a key concern for all businesses choosing to interface with their customers, suppliers and partners across the internet. Outwide has developed, tested and supplied a new way of managing content that allows you to control and change all the copy and images on your site's web pages using a simple web-based interface.

Currently Notion is being used successfully by:

Notion makes editing and adding pages to the website fast and easy. Your website's content is database-based and editable through web-based content management tools. Staff with access passwords will be able to add, delete and update content from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Because you can now change your own content, maintenance budgets and turnaround times for content alterations can be markedly reduced because no external contractors are required to implement changes.

This approach works well with internal processes, allowing others in the organisation to easily review pages before they go live. Each page (or portion of a page) is associated with the author who created it, and has a last updated and expiry date. Authors can be notified when the page is nearing its expiry date. They can then review content, update if required, and reset the expiry date. Reports also allow corporate webmasters to overview the content due for review.

Because the Notion database knows the structure and disposition of all the content, it can accurately include or exclude different categories. And because the content and the look of the site are stored separately, future updating of the site's look and feel is significantly easier. Less frequent tasks, such as changes to site structure, page templates, and the creation of new presentation styles will still require some external input, but day-to-day management is entirely within your control.

Notion requires a website hosting environment that supports Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft IIS.

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