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By: Warbirds Over Wanaka  05-Apr-2012

Hawker Beechcraft T-6C Texan


T-6C Texan, complete with ejector seats, advanced avionics and aerobatic capabilities, are built by the Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company, in Kansas, USA. 

The aircraft are used to train pilots, navigators and weapons system officers from more than 20 different countries around the world. It is the primary flight trainer for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, as well as the primary trainer for NATO Flying Training Canada, the Hellenic Air Force, the Israeli Air Force, the Iraqi Air Force, the Royal Moroccan Air Force and the Mexican Air Force. 

The Texan has a top speed of 316 knots, G limits of +7g to -3.5, hard-point wings, an integrated glass cockpit and an advanced avionics suite. It is equally adept at teaching the most advanced aerobatic manoeuvres and simulated combat training tasks that could previously only be accomplished in far more expensive aircraft. 

In addition aircraft flown at WOW by the RNZAF:

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Warbirds Over Wanaka International 2012 Programme

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow will display many aircraft types operated by servicemen of the RNZAF in earlier times and conflicts. Aviation Trade Stands, Aircraft for Sale, Market Stalls, Food stalls, merchandise and displays of vintage vehicles, tractors, Warhorses, Ford Through the Ages and local wine and food are open.


Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow New Zealand - feature stories

The variety of aircraft that have been associated with RNZAF activity make a fascinating line-up and, incredibly, a large proportion of these will be flying together at the airshow which takes place near the southern town of Wanaka in the South Island. After converting and spending hours learning about its intricacies we spent hours on “Áddles”-(assimilated dummy deck landings) and took off for Norfolk, Virginia for our qualifying deck landings.


Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow Feature Stories

For more than 70 years, the aircraft known by a variety of nicknames - the Doug, the Dizzy, Old Methuselah, the Gooney Bird, the Grand Old Lady - but which to most of us simply the Dakota has been the workhorse of the skies. Now the Douglas DC-3 - the most successful plane ever made, which first took to the skies just over 30 years after the Wright Brothers' historic first flight - is to carry passengers in Britain for the last time.