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By: Peak Power  06-Dec-2011

Embedded networks are discrete electricity supply zones located within the area of, but not owned by an incumbent network owner. Peak Power has been instrumental in the design, negotiation, planning and installation of one major and two substantial embedded networks in the Queenstown area.

The major driving force behind the alternative networks has been in each case, to provide a developer client with a better deal for the on-going ownership of their electrical assets following completion of a project.


Often a residence is sited a considerable distance from existing supply lines on lifestyle blocks. In these instances, a high voltage supply onto the property is often required.

Peak Power is a specialist in such work and is constantly involved in the design, connection approval, supply and construction of these supplies.

Advice to the owner and representing the owner in negotiations with the Network Company is a significant part of the service offered.


Developers and property owners are increasingly requesting us to investigate and cost the conversion of existing overhead lines, within and on the boundaries of their properties, to underground cable systems.

Most overhead lines are owned by a network company. Peak Power’s independence from these companies is often a considerable advantage when design and cost negotiations take place and the client’s interests need to be protected.
Peak Power has substantial expertise and a proven track record in this type of work.  We have managed and carried out projects involving major supply network sub-transmission lines with voltages up to 66kV.