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Air Assisted Massage from Jet Therapy Air Assisted Massage Clinic

By: Jet Therapy Air Assisted Massage Clinic  30-May-2012
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Compressed air passes through a venturi system containing heater elements, medically approved filters, oil drip-feeders and regulators.  This purified air is then channelled through a hose to the specially designed and patented hand-held jets for application to the skin.    The jets are designed to set up an agitation, which provides the circulatory massage without damaging the skin tissue. The result of a Jet Therapy treatment is a significant improvement in blood circulation, which enhances the healing process of diseased tissue, aids the removal of toxins from the body and promotes a more stable circulatory system. The special jets have one or more outlets on the head to create different degrees of airflow, each jet providing a particular type of action. The reasons that Jet Therapy works so well can be related directly to the following three areas:
1. Circulation increase Jet Therapy increases the blood flow around the body and increases the venous and arterial carrying and load capacity of the blood vessels. This enables a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and results in reduced healing time and healthier tissues.
2. Lymphatic drainage It has been shown that massage affects change in the rate of lymph flow particularly for the bed-ridden and those with sedentary lifestyles. Jet Therapy has delivered excellent results in the reduction of swelling and oedema. The increase in lymph flow and the removal of toxins once again is causative in the reduction in healing time and the increase in general health.
3.Deeper yet pain free massage. The effect of air as a pressure force differs to the inconsistent pressures applied during a manual massage. Rather than using forceful compression techniques, the air is expelled at a constant pressure and causes an agitating and dispersing movement. This allows the depth of pressure to be substantially greater without damage to the tissues or creating a heightened pain response. Dramatic results are achieved within a reduced period of time and with minimal discomfort to the client.

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