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By: Jackie Gillies  06-Dec-2011

Conservation Plan

The conservation plan is the primary document used both in establishing a clear picture of the building in its current state and in informing any decisions about its future. Each conservation plan is different, tailored to the needs of the individual building or site, however a typical plan would include a Summary of Historic Research, Architectural Description, Inventory, Condition Assessment, Statement of Significance and Recommendations for Conservation and Repair.

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Design & Creative Re-use | Jackie Gillies + Associates

Jackie brings to the practice a rare combination of design experience with a thorough understanding of heritage principles, with the result that the completed scheme exemplifies the best possible design solution as well as the best current conservation practice. Jackie is a Registered Architect and member of the NZIA and has been practising for nearly thirty years. In addition she holds a Masters in Conservation (Historic Buildings).


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We provide a comprehensive heritage consultancy service.


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Earthworks for forestry tracks, planting and harvesting• earthworks for residential developments, including building platforms, topsoil stripping and accessways• earthworks for stock races or farm tracks, fencing or landscaping• trenching for telephone, power, and waste disposal• road construction• building demolition or removal.• Quarrying.


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This work entails historical research including original photographs, preparation of concepts for suitable interpretation methods and management of the various contractors required to implement the proposal. The purpose of the interpretation is to allow the story of the place to be clearly told and so that the heritage values of the place can be appreciated by a wide audience.