Green Being - Consulting Engineers in Environmentally Sustainable Design, Queenstown, Otago

By: Green Being  06-Dec-2011

Passive House design services

H1 compliance checks and modelling

Energy efficient services specificationInsulation and airtightness advice and specification

Thermal modelling

Design reviews

Green Star NZ Accredited Professionals

General design consulting

Earth and Straw Bale buildingsSustainable materialsGreen roofsReused/recycled structures

Thermal bridge free design

New buildings or existing building upgrades

Commercial and residential buildings

 Resource/Building Consent investigation reports

Retaining structuresFoundation testing and designSlope assessments

Fill testing and certification

Construction monitoring

 Stormwater soakpits and green stormwater systems

Domestic foul water treatment systemsRainwater harvestingComposting toilet and greywater specificationDairy effluent pond design and certification

PMP Preparation

Consultant team  engagement and design management

Co-ordination of project activities

Compliance approval co-ordination

Risk analysis and management

Contractor tendering and appointment

Value engineering

Cost control, commissioning and handover

Contracts and contract administration