Burnside Homestead/Elderslie Estate - Services

By: Burnside Homestead  06-Dec-2011

Burnside Homestead/Elderslie Estate - Services

Groups from 6 to 50 may book for daytime tours, usually from Labour Weekend to Easter. These provide a 90 minute experience of the homestead, its historic operation when seven servants were resident, its adaptation by the three families who have lived in it for one hundred and ten years. You see the formal and the behind the scenes living areas. You can walk the gardens, woods and farm.

Prices range from $10pp for larger groups, plus morning or afternoon Devonshire tea may be available. Members of Historic Places Trust and seniors discounts are available. Forward booking is preferable; larger groups at least a week or more in advance. See Great Estates Tours for an expanded option.

Groups of no less than 6 may book a special Victorian morning or afternoon tea, taking 45-60 minutes, with maid in attendance. This will include traditional dainty sandwiches and tart delicacies. A walk through the main house to the conservatory is included but not a full house tour unless time allows. Minimum price $12.50 pp; additional variants can apply.

A traditional buffet luncheon can be booked for 6 up to 40, minimum rate $17.50 pp. Options can include a sit down lunch for $22.50pp. All lunch food includes special Victorian traditional presentation, including staff dressed for the occasion. Menus as in season and negotiated. Both options include a part house tour as time allows. Advance bookings essential, usually at least 48 hours prior.

This is a special experience. The Victorian custom of the unique late afternoon meal that brought families and guests together, enjoying a wide range of light delicacies, savoury and sweet, displaying their passion for specific food tastes and decoration. Groups of 10+ may book for serving from 4.30pm to 6pm. Minimum price $33.50….unless associated with an accommodation booking. All enquiries welcome and menus negotiable.

Burnside Homestead is an ideal place for celebration of the historic family and community events that mark the milestones.

Great Hall

Formal Dining

Dinner Menus vary with the seasons, but all feature traditional hors’ d’ouvres, soups, mains of poultry, hams and roasts, a range of desserts and delicacies. Prices range from $33.50 to $55.00, GST inclusive. Advance bookings essential, usually at least 14 days in advance.

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