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By: Allen Press  06-Dec-2011

Allen Press understands that your time is valuable and provides a wide range of solutions for societies and associations so you can concentrate on the issues most important to your organization. We recognize that journals and societies can prosper by delegating administrative tasks to our dedicated, capable support staff. When your organization chooses our Business Support services, you’ll be able to focus on the true interests of your scientific or scholarly community, rather than on the demands inherent in running a customer service-oriented organization.


Time to focus on what matters
Outsourcing repetitive tasks enables your board members, officers, and staff to concentrate on the strategic goals of the organization, applying your knowledge where it is most productive.

Improved communication
By allowing us to handle the time-intensive member support tasks, your members will see an improvement in day-to-day communications. Our staff is available, willing, and ready to serve your membership when they contact us.

Flexible solutions
Allen Press’ modular services allow you to mix and match your business services package to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you need assistance in streamlining your author billing process or managing renewals, we have a solution to fit your organization.

Seamless, consistent transitions
Our business support staff serves as a professional liaison for your members and subscribers, and provides efficient and organized communications to keep you attuned to the needs and concerns of your organization’s members and subscribers. Your officers may change periodically, but you’ll be assured of consistency in financial matters, as well as reliability in membership and subscriber services.


Subscription and membership maintenance
Allen Press can provide you with administrative services that create a robust business office, serving as a central point of contact for subscribers and members. Our professional and courteous administrative team manages your day-to-day operations including customer service, payment processing, back issue fulfillment, reporting, data management, and order management.

Renewal program
Subscriptions and memberships are key revenue sources.  Retaining current subscribers and members is critical to the success of your organization.  Allen Press has the staff and the experience to help you with your renewal program. From creating the renewal campaign schedule to assembling the campaign pieces and everything in between, we ensure that retention is effortless for your organization. Campaigns will be distributed through e-mail and mail to members, non-member subscribers, and institutional subscribers, including agencies, at defined intervals. 

Business Management
Allen Press will provide professional business management services for your organization in the form of a centralized office serving as your headquarters.  This service offers shared resources that will reduce your overhead costs.  We have staff available to assist your officers and can help streamline your operation.  

Meeting and event registration
For your next event, take the hassle out of registering and collecting fees from your members and other attendees. Our pre-meeting registration services include a society-branded e-commerce website, making advance online registration a seamless process. Our friendly customer support team assists your attendees with registration queries and deposits payments. Regular reports ensure you can track and monitor registration trends as you prepare for the event.   

Other products and services from Allen Press


Publishing Services |

Working with our friendly, knowledgeable staff, you’ll feel like you have a member of your team, intimately familiar with the details of your publication, right there on the pressroom floor by the time your publication is ready for press. In fact, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive offering of integrated publishing services for societies and associations to self-publish their journals, books, and magazines.


Online Services |

Allen Press also provides a comprehensive suite of integrated and flexible abstract management services and tools designed specifically to satisfy even the most demanding academic meeting needs. We offer several solutions to ensure your content is easy to find and readily available whether it be journals, books, reference works, or meeting abstracts. Pinnacle hosts full-text XML files in addition to PDFs, image files, and supplemental data.


Allen Press Buyer’s Guide and Journal Display Program

Generate new subscriptions Serving as a directory of scholarly journals, the Buyer’s Guide enables librarians to discover publications that meet the needs of faculty and students. For a fraction of the cost to exhibit, Allen Press will display your publications and promotional materials at important industry meetings that buyers are attending.


Distribution Services |

Allen Press sends out millions of publications per year, so you can count on us to provide the support, quality care, and superior results that you need during your distribution process. Using list optimization technology and other techniques, we keep postal charges as low as possible for our customers and expedite the delivery of your publication to readers.


Renewable Energy Program |

Allen Press works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to support renewable energy initiatives by purchasing renewable energy certificates, or carbon offsets, to offset a percentage of the carbon emissions of our administrative offices.