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By: The Dogs Body  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Nails, Broken or Damaged, Damaged Nails

  • Eyes: If there is any discharge, swelling, sores or objects in the animal’s eyes.

  • Ears: We check for any sticky wax residue, objects in the ears, redness or swelling.

  • Nails: We check that the nails are trimmed, if there is any broken or damaged nails or if there is any objects such as barley grass between the toes.

  • Skin/Coat: we check for any hot spots, flaky skin, dandruff, sores, rashes and parasites.

  • Teeth/Breath: We check for any tartar, broken teeth, bad breath or sores.

  • Weight: we advise the owner if their dog is looking a bit overweight / underweight and offer some suggestions on diet and exercise.

  • Anal Gland: we check the anal glands and express them if necessary.

  • Keywords: Broken or Damaged, Damaged Nails, Nails,