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By: Perkinz  19-Jan-2012
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No matter how technically advanced, expensive, versatile or downright pretty your sheep handler of choice is, they all have one thing in common: they are only any good if you can get the sheep to run through them. I remember working on a sheep conveyor in New Zealand and it was great once we actually had the sheep on it, but it was taking four of us to get them on. Hardly an endorsement of a labour saving device! It was after this experience that we bought some farmers together to help design our DrenchMaster sheep handler. We wanted to provide all of the benefits of a sheep conveyor; i.e. speed, multiple jobs at a time and easier on your body, but without the expensive technology. We also wanted to avoid bringing in most of the district to help push the sheep through. We started with the age-old principle that sheep follow each other. So we ran them through a sheep race which had the exit end off the ground. We knew sheep liked walking up a slight incline, it also meant the operator didn't need to bend down which saved his (or her) back. We designed a crush flap that moved with your body and lined it with our SheepFlow anti-backers to hold the sheep in position. We put in a basic draft gate to allow the operator to take a sheep out there and then, without having to lift it over a fence or draft the whole mob again. This was a huge plus, especialy for mouthing and uddering. We added wheels and a removable drawbar so the neighbour could borrow it easily and finished it off with a hot dip galv for long life(hopefully not at the neighbours). Did we achieve what we wanted? Well, I'm obviously biased as one of the designers, so you’re better off talking to the people who have already bought some of our sheep handling equipment. Someone like Neil Gardyne from Gore. After putting more than 100,000 sheep through the DrenchMaster, Neil said, “Best labour-saving tool ever!” Man of few words, is Neil. Our sheep handler seems to work best when placed at the end of a drafting race. I guess that’s because sheep have gone through the race so many times that once they have passed the draft gates they know they are free. And as there is no air or electrics needed, it keeps the noise down which helps the sheep run as well. One of the most common comments we get when people see our DrenchMaster handler in action is, “That’s so simple!” And that’s what we’ve worked hardest to achieve: a simple solution that does exactly what it’s supposed to do – with no fuss or complication. However, as you all know, sheep can be unpredictable animals and no matter what you do, you always find one smart-arse (sheep that is, not farmer) who decides that they want to hold up the whole proceedings. What can you possibly do with this sheep? Well here at PERKINZ we are all about solutions and so we give you this guaranteed solution that works 100% of the time. Shoot It! For more info go to

Keywords: Drenching, Sheep, Sheep Gates, Stud Sheep