Sheep Flow

By: Perkinz  06-Dec-2011

Sheep Flow Simply Works!

I have tried all the other non-returns and got rid of them.

Clint Bellamy, Bellamy Scanning, Taranaki, NZ

Efficient & Safe

What is Sheep Flow?

Sheep Flow is an "anti-backup" product designed to streamline the movement of sheep through races. It is silent, has no moving parts, is simple to install, and low cost.  Most importantly, IT WORKS!

What do Users Think of Sheep Flow?

Simply the best sheep handling non-return I have ever used.

Quentin Whithead, HQ Dipping, Gore, Southland, NZ."

How Does Sheep Flow Work?

Sheep Flow is made up of a pair of specially-designed angled bristles that are simple to attach to the side of any race, which then act as a very effective non-return system.

Animals can easily move past the SheepFlow, but if they try to back up, the wool immediately catches on the bristles and prevents backward movement - using the "velcro" effect..

Because the bristles are silent and unobtrusive, they do not panic the animals in any way - there is no banging or movement after the sheep has gone through that could scare the sheep following. This lowers sheep stress levels, and prevents race blockages - making the farmer's job easier and faster.

Sheep Flow has generated immediate interest from almost everyone who has seen the system.  It's one of those products that has people saying, "Why has no-one ever thought of this before now?!"

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