By: Mr Heat Pump Cleaner  06-Dec-2011
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Save Power

The potential to save energy costs is one of the main reasons for installing heat pumps. Owners expect to retain these savings for the life of the equipment.

But as the pump runs, dirt, dust, and other contaminants that aren't trapped by the unit's lint filter tend to build up on the coils. This build up acts as an insulator and the dirty indoor coils create longer thermostat "on" times.

Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the system. Reduced airflow decreases system performance and can damage your system's compressor.

Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance is key to efficient operation. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10%–35%.

Few routine chores will pay off more handsomely, both in comfort and in dollars saved, than a simple heat pump clean. You can bet that a year’s worth of dirt and debris has clogged the cooling fins and lowered the unit’s efficiency. A dirty Heat Pump may even stop heating altogether.

It is estimated that more than 90 percent of Heat Pump failures were the result of the owner’s failing to clean them!

Keywords: Heat Pump