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By: Lievito  06-Dec-2011

Pain au levain

A white loaf (with just a touch of rye). Officially a soughdough a pain au levan has a piquant tartness to it.

'San Fran' Sour
While the recipe and technique are similar to the Pain au Levain the difference with this loaf is that the poolish, or sourdough starter, is made from a culture found in San Francisco. A milder taste with a more open crumb mark a difference between the Pain au Levain and 'San Fran' sour.

A white loaf with distinctive holes in the crumb. A very versatile loaf and the original Panini.

Filled Ciabatta
Take ciabatta dough and fill it with tomato relish, peppers, olives, oven roasted garlic and cheese then bend it into a horseshoe.

Rye Meteil
Just under half ryemeal flour with the rest being wholemeal and roasted barley malt - an 'entry level' rye.

Sour Fruit
A wholemeal wheat dough made using a sour starter and crammed with dates, apricots and raisins.

A wholemeal bread that has been given the Lievito treatment. Starter culture with the merest sniff of yeast leads to a long ferment to release flavour and nutritional value.


A curious loaf, brioche is a white dough enriched with butter and eggs. Whether you're making sumptuous sammies or fabulous french toast brioche won't let you down.

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Danish A diamond nest of croissant doughwith a variety of fillings from almond and apricot, cherry and chocolate, hazelnut, rhubarb and apple to lemon. Eccles Cake Sn old English recipe - curratns held together with butter, brown sugar and our own blend of spices all wrapped up in puff pastry. Hazelnut Scroll seasonalBricohe dough rolled up with a filling made from hazelnuts from Corydon Grove on the Taieri plains.


Lievito Bakery - gf

The Original Maize and Tapioca loaf The loaf that started it all - moist, soft and holds together well when cut. Maize flour, Tapioca flour, Soy flour, Rice flour, Xanthan gum, Guar gum, salt, yeast.


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Pie pastry - ready to roll 500g Ready to roll and ideal for sweet and savoury items - quiche, pasties, sausage rolls, bacon and egg pie, apple pie, cherry and custard - all waiting for you. Chewy Chocolate Chip biscuit dough If you want to be able to make fresh chocolate chip biscuits as and when you wish without the mess of mixing it - here is the option.