Julie Scales - Dunedin City Commissioner

By: Julie Scales  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Political Advertisement

Julies’ re-election kick off party on October 19th at Kelly's Chic-a-Boom Room was a huge success with more than 150 people attending. Thanks to our host committee and Kelly’s!

The Host Committee
For Julie Scales Kick-off Party
For Reelection to the Dunedin City Commission

Ed Armstrong
Gregory Brady and Walter DeFord
Coleman and Gemmy Brown
Sheriff Jim Coats
Rod and Sandy Collman
Gus Cooper
Herb and Martha Donald
Kevin and Donna Donoghue
Irwin and Syd Entel
Senator Mike Fasano
Aaron Fodiman
Bill and Ginger Francisco
Charles and Gail Gamble
Richard and Susan Gehring
Chris and Trudy Giuliana
Drew Gracy
John and Dotty Grygiel
Ed Halleran and Steve Sika
Dr. William and Jeanette Hale
Max and Tamara Helms
Nancy  Holland
Sister Delores Keller

Virgel Kelly
Carl and Jane Keltner
John and Sara Kessinger
Dave and Layle Kremske
Keith and Honey Kurber
Hon. Susan Latvala
Tony Mitchell
Ted and Rose Napp
Hon. Diane Nelson
Jack Norton
Sallie Parks
David Pauley
Hank and Gayle Pinkowski
Ken and Pat Reinhold
Ken and Terry Rejko
Susie Rodenbeck
Joyce Smith
Nancy  St. Arnold
Jim and Anna Stearns
Sonny and Pat Thornton
Norma Tillges

- Political advertisement paid for and approved by Julie Scales for Dunedin City Commission, Seat 1-

Keywords: Political Advertisement