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By: Innovative Learning  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Continuing Education, Online Course, Learning Online

Innovative Learning offers an extensive range of services to meet your workforce development needs. All courses developed by Innovative Learning focus on the key elements of effective best practice and educational models. The Innovative Learning Model has been rigorously researched and has been subjected to a twelve month comparative study comparing outcomes between a seminar trained group and a matched group trained online using this model. After twelve months, the online group out performed the seminar group by over 100% when subjected to retesting.
  • Flexible pricing models to stay within existing budgets
  • Cost effective and efficient way to train entire teams and workforce without travel, accommodation, replacement costs, and trainer fees
  • Evidence of learner outcomes through competency tested material
  • Documentation that learner knows how to apply knowledge and concepts within the day to day job responsibilities
  • Workforce development plans customized to meet your organizations needs including customer portals
  • Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management
  • Easy to use integrated calendar function for other training activities, seminars or projects
  • Continuing Education Units that meet the requirements for a variety of accreditation and licensing boards
  • Access to international resources and support networks
  • Up to date, current and "best practices" content
  • Extensive tracking, monitoring and reporting systems for employee records and off line activities
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Secure Access, Security, System Maintenance and Data Backup
  • Development of customer training curriculum into online competency tested course
  • Customization of current course library to meet an organizations or state‚Äôs regulatory and licensing requirements
  • Version Control
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Keywords: Continuing Education, Continuing Education Units, Innovative Learning, Learning Online, Online Course