Havoc Pork, Free Range and Anti-biotic free - havoc yorkshire black bacon wins cuisine supreme artisan award

By: Havoc Pork  05-Apr-2012

Havoc Pork, Free Range and Anti-biotic free

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Avoiding the age old question about the audible impact of one, this is the sound of both hands clapping. The sound of us all jumping up and down with excitement. This is Lady Havoc collapsing into tears of shock and joy. This is her and Butcher John hugging each other and dancing around like tiny school kids learning folk dancing. The Lord of Havoc laughed. He said he would take all credit because without his pigs there wouldn’t be any Yorkshire Black Bacon.

..But we can’t let him take all the kudos. There is plenty of glory to go around. John our Butcher Supreme, without his obsessive questing to make the perfect bacon, no award. Linda McCallum-Jackson, The Lady of Havoc, without her driving every aspect of Havoc Pork, no award. Without our customers, who have been supporting us for nine years, (we listened to everything you said) no award. The whole Waimate crew, if they weren’t working tirelessly hard at the factory, no award. And okay.. without Ian McCallum-Jackson, The Lord of Havoc, who cares about his pigs and treats them with the respect they deserve, no award. And, of course, without Cuisine Magazine, who saw fit to give us this award, no award.

So thank you. From the bottom of or hearts. We aren’t finished, in fact, we're just getting started.

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Deciding that people should know the provenance of their pork, Linda and Ian McCallum- Jackson drew up a business plan for the country’s only paddock-to-plate pig farm over dinner at a Dunedin restaurant on a napkin, now framed.


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Pigs are intelligent herd animals with a low boredom threshold and are curious by nature they live in a hierarchical society they are very social creatures and I believe they are happiest when they are treated as such. At “Havoc” my pregnant sows live happily in a paddock with their herd, this is from the time they are first pregnant until they are ready to have their piglets.