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By: Delphinus  06-Dec-2011


We offer a wide range of computer and network related items, here is a sample of what is available.

Wireless Networking

Internal Wireless

Wireless is an excellent way to provide internet connectivitiy throughout your house, office or rooms that are available to rent. Even large buildings are not a problem, as multiple transmitters can be installed to cover all areas.

Outdoor Wireless

Need to connect 2 buildings together to share an internet connection or provide access to your network? There are a number of low-cost options available to achieve this.

Internet Connection Limiting

Are you a landlord providing internet to your tenants? Are some tenants overusing their connection resulting in poor service for others?
We have a system available that can automatically track usage per person, then when a limit is reached disconnect that user for the rest of the day, ensuring a fast and fair connection for everyone.