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By: Decision1 It Solutions  06-Dec-2011


The Education Sector has many particular needs that separate them from other industries. 

These needs have a profound and particular effect on the nature of the network required to power it.  Who else has 200 computers that are all switched on within 60 seconds of each other?  Who else has 800 users that have computer skills that range from novice to expert?  Who else has mandatory responsibilities towards the well being of the user?  Educational institutions are extraordinary places, and require extraordinary networks.  Skill and experience in these areas are vital so that the network can cope with the particular foibles of the institution so that the important operation of teaching may take place.

In many cases, education institutions require onsite day-to-day maintenance.  These tasks are often best suited to a member of the full or part time staff.   However, these staff may not have the skills and experience to manage the more specialised tasks.   As such, we can offer a relationship between you, your internal IT staff member and ourselves to provide your network with the best possible service available.

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Decision1 IT Solutions Ltd - freenetworkaudit

Network Trawling If you are running a server they will install a small piece of software on your server that will document all the technical specifications of each workstation, laptop, printer and networking that is connected to the network. Physical Investigation They will conduct an onsite survey of your physical site, note any network hazards such as concrete walls, multiple stories etc.


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Spread your cost across the year with fixed, monthly payments regardless of how many hours we spend on your site.Have your network monitored daily for faults and potential faults.Have your network repaired silently. MANAGED SERVICES If you have ever wished that you could just let someone else look after your computers so you can get on with making your business run, then Managed Services is for you.


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Users can only see their own jobs (ie Jane can only see jobs for Jane), but you can also have an administrative user, who can see and log jobs for all users on your network. Helpdesk Online is the ticketing system we use to manage our daily activities, and now you can manage the your jobs with us using this software. The online helpdesk allows you and all of your users to view, edit and log jobs within our system.


Decision1 IT Solutions Ltd - services

SERVICES We are a fully qualified Microsoft Small Business Specialist that can install, maintain and repair your business or school computer network. Decision1 is committed to providing the best support and technical advice in the industry.


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The local IT consultant can normally handle most tasks, but when it comes to more specialised assignments, there is usually no one available.Luckily, technology is on your side with Remote Point-To-Point Maintenance. Once set in place, our specialised technicians can remotely dial in to your network while still in Dunedin, and provide you with the assistance you require.