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By: Decision1 It Solutions  06-Dec-2011

MANAGED SERVICES If you have ever wished that you could just let someone else look after your computers so you can get on with making your business run, then Managed Services is for you.

Managed Services takes away all the worries and frustrations that have become part and parcel of a computer network.  You pay a fixed monthly fee, and we do all the rest. 

Why do we offer this service?

We have been in business now for nearly 10 years.  Over that time we have repeatedly seen our clients face the same challenges.  How do we get the best out of our network without spending a fortune?  How do we avoid blowouts without spending a fortune on our server right now?  How do we know this tech is not spending too much time on this job?  We need it fixed now, we will just have to pay whatever they charge.

These challenges are insurmountable for most businesses.  Most businesses are at the mercy of IT professionals and the hourly rate they charge.  If a job takes a long time, then you get a large bill, and there is very little you can do to control it. 

We were also challenged with the idea that we make our living from errors and problems that our clients have.  So while we make every effort to make sure any networks we look after are error free, this is not in our financial interest.  This has put us in a precarious position that was not satisfactory to us. 

So we came up with the idea that we should offer our clients an opportunity to spread their cost across the year in a predictable fashion and offer them unlimited hours to have fixed whatever was broken.  This would entirely change the relationship we have with our clients.  Now it is in both our interests for us to spend less time fixing problems. 

What does this mean for you?

Spread your cost across the year with fixed, monthly payments regardless of how many hours we spend on your site.Have your network monitored daily for faults and potential faults.Have your network repaired silently.  No tech onsite, problems solved without you knowing there was a fault at all.Get back to managing your business.  Allow your network to enhance your business, not be one of the many hassles that keeps you from your core.Get help when you need help.  Don't wait for weeks for a fault to be fixed.  Get it fixed now.Check up on your network.  Use our online helpdesk to see what work has been done.Get instant help online.  Use our online helpdesk to look up common problems and simple solutions.

Does this work for schools?

Schools are especially vulnerable to network crashes and huge $ blowouts.  If your school relies on your computer network to teach your students, then you should definitely consider Managed Services.  Many schools have already taken on Managed Services and are enjoying the freedom to get back to teaching!

We don't have a server - can this work for us?

Yes it can!  If you have one workstation or ten workstations, regardless if you have a server or not, Managed Services offers the same great value. 

What are the details?

There are three Managed Services  to choose from: Lite, Standard and Premium.


Decision1 will fully maintain your servers monthly including patching and service packing.  We will also check your antivirus/security software is operating & updating, that your backups are functioning correctly and are able to be restored, event logs are checked for potential problems, hard drive usage checked for unexpected increases, hard drives checked for data errors, hard drives defragmented, UPS checked for functionality in the event of a power outage and the firewall rules are checked for unexpected changes.


When you have a problem, we will respond quickly.  If you choose Lite or Standard we will respond by the next day.  If you choose Premium, we will respond within 4 hours.


Relax in the knowledge that your network is being monitored at all times, and when a problem occurs it will be attended to.   If you choose Lite, you will be told of the potential or current problem, so that you may decide how to proceed.  If you choose Standard or Premium, the problem will be taken care of for you.


Check online to see if there is a solution to your problem already.  We have many answers to common problems ready for you to use.You can also use your online access to log faults that need repaired, and look up the details on current and old jobs.


Have your problems resolved remotely.  Don't wait for a tech to come onsite, have the tech remotely connect into your workstation and they can solve your problem there and then.


If you choose Standard or Premium we will take care of all your software and hardware faults.   It doesn't matter how long it takes us to resolve a problem, we will take care of it. 

If you choose Standard or Premium and a component in your server or workstation breaks, we will do all the work to get it back up and running.  All you have to do is purchase the replacement part.   If your hard drive starts creating errors, or your DVD drive stops working, we will provide all the labour to put it back together.

If you choose Premium we will also provide all the labour when you upgrade your workstation or server to a newer model.  All you have to do is choose the new hardware, and we will take care of the rest.

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