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By: Colloidal Health Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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Note:: * = At recommended daily dosages.

How to take Colloidal Silver: Drink as required or take sublingually (under the tongue) additionally it can be sprayed.

Special directions: For best results take colloidal silver straight without mixing with juice other additives.

Dosage: Follow the instructions on the label or as directed by your health professional. For a powerful boost 50ml, 4x per day maybe taken but not recommended for more than 2-3 days, if taking large dosages drink extra water, however not at the same time as the colloidal silver - unless you are wanting to get the colloidal silver further down your small intestine, if this is the case and supplement with a pro-biotic (natural yoghurt).

Frequency: Take Colloidal Silver daily or as required.

Safety: Bottle is glass therefore keep out of reach of children, always replace lid after usage. Do not purchase The Silver Solution if the seal is broken.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature, away from magnetic or electrical fields.

Quality guarantee: If your product does not reach you in good condition please return to the manufacturer, Colloidal Health Solutions LTD, P.O. Box 3001, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Food: Colloidal Silver may be taken with or without food.

Pregnancy: *No known problems.

Breast feeding: *No known problems.

Adverse side effects: *No known problems.

Antacids: *No known problems.

Reaction to medication: *No known problems.

Reaction to medical conditions: *No known problems.

Toxicity: *No known problems.

Overdose: *No known problems.

Addiction: *Non-addictive.

Allergic reaction: *Non-allergenic.


What is colloidal?: Colloidal means fine particles held in fluid suspension. All life occurs and lives naturally in the colloidal state. Our blood functions in a constant colloidal state.

Is colloidal better?: Yes, because our blood is colloidal, it is the ultimate form for intake and absorption. The body cannot use crystalline or tablet form without first converting it, this leaves unwanted crystalline wastage for your body to eliminate.

Is Silver safe?: Three international studies found the average daily diet contained silver between 30-100mcg's; as silver is a natural part of our daily diets our bodies are familiar with silver. EPA indicates silver to be non-toxic and non-carcinogenic at prescribed levels.

Is silver a toxic heavy metal?: Silver, as a metal, is inert and is one of the noble metals. Like copper, iron, zinc and other elements, silver mineral ore can be produced into a metal, or for medical, nutritional benefit.

Will Colloidal Silver kill the good bacteria in my intestine? The simple answer is no, as it is absorbed into the first 30cm of the small intestine (the average adults small intestine is approx six metres long), however if you are wanting to get colloidal silver into your large intestine you would need to drink 100mls and 3-4 large glasses of water or it will not reach that area.

Will I get Argyria? No, only if you uses homemade solutions, or some other weird solutions that is not a true 10ppm electro colloidal silver. See Regarding Argyria for further infomation.

How long can I take it for?: Daily, as a nutritional supplement.

What is the shelf life?: Three years plus.

Can give it to my pets?: Yes, The Silver Solution is just as beneficial for animals as humans; place a portion in the drinking water of cats, dogs, birds, and horses, or in fish tank etc.

Is homemade colloidal silver safe?: Homemade (2nd generation) colloidal silver lacks strict, controlled manufacturing procedures and the purity of basic raw materials, the dangers exist by producing a solution that may also contain toxic substances, namely silver chloride, silver sulphate etc. At best it is an inferior quality solution with a very low bioavailability and shelf life, at worst it is toxic and possibly dangerous. It is not only illegal to sell homemade colloidal silver it is also very risky making something so scientifically technical at home without proper analysis. Note: nearly every modern case of Argyria reported is from homemade solutions and people drinking silly amounts of it.

Are all colloidal silvers the same?: No, Colloidal Health Solutions Ltd has the expertise to manufacture most types of solutions. Some solution types, like many products being sold today, failed 15 times quicker than The Silver Solution when pushed in challenge tests. The Silver Solution is 3rd generation colloidal silver, it is without the failings of 1st and 2nd generation solutions. The secret is in the process not the quantity of silver; The Silver Solution should outperform other solutions that have many times the silver content.

Ionic vs Particulate

An article titled "Comparative Analysis Study Shows Ionic Silver to Be Up to 10,000 Times More Effective Than Particulate Colloidal Silver: the End of the Great Particulate vs. Ionic Silver Debate," written by former U.S. Army medic by R.D. Todd:

"The results were astonishing! With or without the HCl mixture added, the Staphylococcus cultures (both S-1 and S-2) on the plates were virtually eradicated in just four minutes when treated with ionic silver. But the culture plates treated with the so-called "true colloid" particulate silver showed only a slight reduction in the bacterial count!

The principal conclusions from the study are as follows:

• Before being treated with HCl, the ionic species of silver achieves total kill in four minutes, and is at least 100 times more potent than the particulate form of silver.

• The particulate form of silver, which does contain a small amount of silver-ions, loses almost all its antibacterial potency when the ionic silver component is removed (a result of the reaction to HCl).

• Comparative antibacterial potency loss in ionic-silver, due to the same HCl treatment, is negligible.

• After being treated with HCl, under the same experimental conditions, the ionic-silver is now shown to be a whopping 10,000 times more potent than the particulate silver.

The results of this study clearly show that ionic species of silver dramatically outperformed the particulate species of silver. In fact, it was not even close!

The facts are: ionic-silver killed all S. aureus microorganisms with only a four minute exposure while the particulate species product was only marginally bactericidal at best, which can be attributed to the small amount of ionic silver found in it."

Indeed, in a brand new 500-page book called The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (published by Life & Health Research Group, Inc., there are over 158 clinical studies listed that demonstrate the astonishing effectiveness of the ionic form of colloidal silver.

For example, studies like the ones conducted at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, which is home of the world renowned Army Burn Center operated by the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is the ionic form of silver that best.

Will Colloidal Silver get rid of my flu? We are sorry we are unable to legally comment on colds, flu or any bacterial or viral infections due to their therapeutic nature, what we can say is The Silver Solution supports the immune system and a healthy immune system normally means a healthy body.

Why can you not comment on colds, swine flu, bacterial or viral infections? The Silver Solution is classified as a dietary supplement and not a medicine or alternative medicine, therefore the dietary supplement act prevents us from commenting on therapeutic conditions or problems like swine flu symptoms or infections.

Do you have any testimonies saying that The Silver Solution got rid of the flu? We have many testimonies that state The Silver Solution has wonderful results however as many mention therapeutic problems we can not legally use them, including swine flu symptoms.


In attempting to make colloidal silver, 1st generation solutions were a crude shadow of those being produced day, they consisted of large ground or chemically dissolved silver particles and stabilised with proteins, they were effective but caused a greying of the skin, also they were unstable falling out of suspension after only a few days.

40 years later in the 1970's the technology was invented to create much-improved 2nd generation colloidal silver.

3rd Generation colloidal silver was invented in 1995 creating a superior process easily outperforming other solutions. Now with new technology, advanced solutions like The Silver Solution are produced, they are more effective, contain no additives or stabilisers and remains in excellent condition for years.

In today's market it is important to note that there are varying types of colloidal silver available, all with varying results. Most manufacturers boast they have the best solution available but laboratory results prove they lack the expertise or proprietary knowledge to produce the most effective type of third generation colloidal silver. To date The Silver Solution has outperformed all other brands tested in laboratory trials.

Key Points

Powerful immunity key to healthy life: The immune system is vital to our existance.Improper or weakened function will leave us predisposed to illness.

Antioxidant, toxins and free radicals: Silver is also believed beneficial in assisting the body to fight against toxins and the clearance of free radicals.

Assists healing and growth: When human fibroblast cells are exposed to silver they are believed to differentiate, that is, to assist in the production of embryonic general cells, this aids in growth and helps to stimulate tissue.

Helps the body's electrical system: Research indicated silver had an enormous benefit to the electrical system allowing different areas of the body to communicate more effectively.

The Silver Solution - natural, gentle, effective!: Silver is a natural earthly element like copper, iron, zinc and many other elements. Silver is able to be developed into a nutritional element or a metal. Silver has always been present in the daily human diet, our body's are familiar with silver and some researchers believe our bodies only function correctly when it is present. It is only now that researchers are discovering silvers health importance.

The Silver Solution should be considered as a natural nutritional daily supplement more than an alternative medicine. Extracted with the latest technology it is believed to have no practical toxicity level, dangerous side effects or adverse interaction with existing medication or medical conditions, within recommended dosage range.

Silver deficiency symptoms: Research indicates improper functioning of the immune system, especially in the failure to protect against invading pathogens, winter ills and chills and infections. Some silver deficiency symptoms maybe; slow healing, slow recovery from infections and infectious sickness, frequent winter ills and chills, general poor health.

Out performs all tested brands: The Silver Solution out performed all tested brands in laboratory challenge trials.

An unrivalled 3 year plus shelf life. It is a superior solution, without the need of stabilisers or additives.

Health professionals and customers alike consider The Silver Solution as the best colloidal silver available, and superior to all other colloidal silvers they have tried.


Regarding Argyria

Can I get Argyria?: Argyria; A slate-gray or bluish discoloration of the skin and deep tissues due to the deposit of insoluble albuminate of silver. Also called argyrism.

For someone to contract Argyria, one would have to consume a solution with extremely large particles of silver. This would not be true colloidal silver and would most probably be made with chemically dissolved silver or a silver powder that has been ground down, or a home brew.

There have never been any reported cases of Argyria with 3rd generation colloidal silver. Probably because it does not produce the silver salts or silver nitrate that are attributed to causing the bluing of the skin.

Quantity of silver needed to produce Argyria?: The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that people would normally need approx 20grams of silver in the body to produce Argyria. If we manufactured our product incorrectly by producing large particles that remained in the body, one would still have to consume twenty thousand (20,000) 100ml bottles to produce 20grams of silver.

There are many other products with thousands of times more silver in them that are used daily like hair dyes etc, the product we produce has very small particles and only contains 50mcg of silver per 5ml - A mcg is one millionth of a gram.

Only aimed at discrediting: It is very interesting that approximately 140,000 people die every year in the USA from adverse reactions to medication, never has there ever been a report of anyone having a dangerous side effect to colloidal silver, no rushing to the hospital, no illness, no deaths. Colloidal Silver is targeted with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaigns because it is a threat to profit margins as it is extremely broad spectrum and does so much. Regarding Argyria, it is a harmless cosmetic condition and if this is the only thing people who financially compete against colloidal silver can come up with (wrongly against true colloidal silver) to discredit it and create suspicion, then colloidal silver truly is an amazing product.

Our advice..: Ignore the hype, stick to the recommend dosages, stay away from home made solutions or make your own home kits (2nd generation colloidal silver) and only use 3rd Generation Colloidal Silver.

Thousands of people have taken our product over the last ten years and we have never heard of one adverse side effect at all.


Category: Available without prescription.

Available as: Dietary Supplement or Homeopathic Medicine.

Formulation: Easy to drink, crystal clear liquid (slight taste).

Type: 3rd generation process, colloid/ionic mix, latest technologically advanced colloidal solution. Note: An Atomic Absorption Spectra Photometer, (not TDS meter) is needed for testing parts per million.

Ingredients: Ultra Purified water approx. 0.1 Micro-semeins; which equates to approx. 3 times double-distilled water.

50mcg per 5ml (10ppm) of atom sized particles of pure silver approx. 1.26 angstrom (thousands of times smaller than a red blood cell) with a small positive charge on each particle.

No other additives or preservatives.

So is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Is asprin safe? most would say yes but it kills 20,000 americans per year, in fact it is reported that Pharmacutical Drugs kill 900,000 people per year.

Colloidal Silver has never killed anyone, had anyone raced to hospital or made anyone sick, except on the Tv program ER.

Colloidal Silver use to carry the status of a grandfather drug, (product being sold before the formation of the FDA), under the grandfather drug status existing claims could be made, however due to an enormous pressure campaign from the pharmacutical industry they changed the ruling to a dietary supplement and said no therapeutic claims maybe made and colloidal silver is considered not safe or effective.

This does not mean that colloidal silver is not safe or effective it just means its not proven by the FDA to be safe or effective. The FDA has a policy that every product that has not been tested by them is not to be considered as safe or effective (until proven).

To get a product tested by them costs approximately one hundred million dollars and because silver is natural and can not be owned, controlled or patented - this would be an unwise business move as one would never recoup their expenses.

So all this FDA talk really means is colloidal silver joins the thousands of other products in the dietary supplement arena and loses its grandfather status until someone spends one hundred million to get it FDA tested.

Here is a letter sent by the FDA requesting information on silvers safety.

Food and Drug Administration

U.S. Department Of Health and Human Services

Public Health Service

5600 Fishers Lane

Rockville, MD 20857

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and in regard your August 17th, 1999 ruling regarding colloidal silver, could you please supply the following documentation on which you based your decision?

1. The number of deaths related to the consumption of colloidal silver.

2. The number of allergic reactions to the consumption of colloidal silver.

3. The number of harmful drug interactions from both OTC and prescription drugs when combined with colloidal silver.

4. The number of reported cases of Argyria from colloidal silver made with the AC or DC electrical process.

5. The number of cases of Argyria from colloidal silver that did not contain protein stabilizers.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.


Brent Finnegan

The FDA response:

Public Health Service

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Office of Training and Communication

Freedom of Information Staff HFD-205

5600 Fishers Lane 12 B 05

Rockville, Maryland 20857


November 3, 1999

In Response Refer to File: F99-22589

Brent Finnigan Takoma (sic), WA 98408

Dear Mr. Finnigan:

This is in response to your request of 10/14/99, in which you requested adverse events associated with the use of Colloidal Silver. Your request was received in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research on 10/25/99. We have searched the records from FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) and have been unable to locate any cases that would be responsive to your request.

Charges of $3.50 (Search $3.50, Review $0, Reproduction $0, Computer time $0) will be included in a monthly invoice.


If there are any problems with this response, please notify us in writing of your specific problem(s).

Please reference the above file number.


Hal Stepper

Freedom of Information Technician

Office of Training and Communications

Freedom of Information Staff, HFD-205


I am constantly impressed with the results from The Silver Solution®, finding it very effective for the immune system

I specifically like this Colloidal Silver product because it is consistent in performance and has no negative side effects.

I have found this product an invaluable asset over the last nine years and recommend it with complete confidence.

Victoria Hamilton, Natural Therapist, Wellington

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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