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How to be taken: Drink as required

Special directions: For best results take straight without mixing with juice other additives.

Dosage: Follow the instructions on the label or as directed by your health professional. Typical dose is 15-50mls per day, however a power dose of 100ml per day maybe taken.

Frequency: Daily or as required

Safety: Bottle is glass therefore keep out of reach of children, always replace lid after usage. Do not purchase if seal is broken.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature, away from magnetic or electrical fields.

Quality guarantee: If your product does not reach you in good condition please return to the manufacturer, Colloidal Health Solutions Limited, New Zealand. (see 'contact us' page for address details)

Food: May be taken with or without food

Pregnancy: No known problems.

Breast Feeding: No known problems.

Adverse Side Effects: No known problems.

Antacids: No known problems.

Reaction to medication: No known problems.

Reaction to medical conditions: No known problems.

Toxicity: No known problems.

Overdose: No known problems, as with water.

Addiction: Non-addictive

Allergic Reaction: Non-allergenic

Note: In the unlikely event of side effects occuring, cease use and seek medical advice.

Responsible Consumption: Colloidal Health Solutions does not promote unsubstantiated product claims or 'cure-all' remedies.

It does not profess that its products cure disease or illness but it does promote the use of its high quality nutritional supplements to support the body's natural healing capabilities.

It also supports a well balanced regime of exercise, adequate rest, proper diet and moderation to assist in attaining a healthy and disease free life style.


What is The Gold Solution? The Gold Solution consists of microscopic particles of pure 24 carot gold held in liquid suspension also known as Colloidal Gold.

How much Colloidal Gold do I take?: Between 15-50ml a day.

Do I take it daily?: As above

What is an overdose amount?: As with water.

What does colloidal gold do for me?: Our immune and nervous systems appear to have an affinity for gold. Most likely it supports the electrical function of your nervous system. This may seem like a small but simple enhancement however it stands to reason that many dysfunctions or lack of proper function in physical components may be the result of scar tissues or other impedance and the gold has a tendency to restore normal electrical activity to these areas, allowing the body to repair the damage.

Science is only now discovering how gold plays an important role in the immune system and especially the immune systems function within the joints. It is our understanding that for decades pharmaceutical companies around the world have been focusing their attention on Gold and Platinum as a basis for new remedies.

Gold may also help regulate the two hemispheres of the brain and has been shown to support mental clarity and focus after consuming Colloidal Gold for approximately two weeks.

How long does it take to work?: A sense of well being and peace is the most likely effect upon first ingestion. The primary mode of instant effect is absorption via the gums, and nasal tissues. Normally positive results are experienced within 24 hours. The secondary effects generally take about 2 weeks.

Do I need to stop taking it after a while?: No. Your body rids itself of gold that it does not need. Some gold may remain in parts of the body however this is a very, very small quantity.

What is the RDA (recommended daily allowance)?: No such data exists.

What is the shelf life?: Indefinite. Refrigeration is the best way to store it for long periods. Avoid direct sunlight or places like the car where the temperature rises rapidly and may cause damage to the colloidal balance. Thermal shock, conditions where the colloidal gold may be heated or cooled too rapidly can cause damage to the product. On the whole, storage in a cupboard with reasonable temperatures is fine and should keep the product in good shape for years.

Who should take Colloidal Gold?: Those suffering from sluggish thinking, anxiety, mood swings, and those who want to help manage cravings, and those who wish to enhance the sense of awareness, peace and well being. Most of all people with stiff or uncomfortable joints.

Who shouldnt take Colloidal Gold?: Anyone can benefit from colloidal gold.

Are all Colloidal Gold's the same?: Mostly. So long as a colloidal gold is a solid gold particulate the statements here are true. 'Ionic' so called colloidal gold can only be gold chloride and this does have a benefit also. The down side to gold chloride is that certain dosages need to be observed as the chloride apparently acts as a toxin over a certain period or quantity of usage. The general practice of making gold chloride for the purpose of ingestion has been long discontinued. Gold chloride is a clear liquid our advise is if the colloidal gold is not red or pinky then it is a substandard product.

Is it safe?: Yes, gold is non reactive and the most noble element of the elements. It is the least likely metal or chemical to react with other chemicals and elements. Gold is for the most part completely inert chemically.

Isn't it a heavy metal?: Gold is a platinum group metal and can be considered a Nobel metal, also Gold is probably the most inert substance on the periodic table, in other words it is very unlikely is will react with any other chemical or compound, this is why dentist use them in fillings worldwide everyday.

Whats the difference between gold injections and Colloidal Gold?: Medical use of colloidal gold is made chemically in a process that begins with gold chloride and normally ends up having gold combined with a drug. The gold in these cases is used as a delivery system and nothing more. If there are negative effects, these effects are always caused by the chemical bonded to the gold, not the gold itself. Gold injections are gold salts AU111+ and are nothing like The Gold Solution which consists of pure gold particles, also gold salts have many side effects and have very low and slow efficiency.

Can I drink from the bottle?: Yes, but this is not advised. The gold comes sterile however if you were to drink from the bottle you may contaminate this sterile environment and in a short while your colloidal gold may develop mold, or other dangerous bacteria cultures. You also might cause an unwanted distabilising reaction which will turn the gold from red, to purple and eventually it will turn grey and fall out of the colloidal state altogether. Our advise is have a special glass to pour your colloidal gold into.

How come it turned purple?: Either through exposure to high heat or the addition of some chemical, or something else that altered the pH. pH changes can cause the colloidal balance to change and either turn the solution purple or even make all of the gold fall out in black threadlike bits.

Whats the difference between red and purple Colloidal Gold?: When the colloid is first made, the tendency is for gold particles to be negatively charged and maintain a separation. If thermal shock is not carefully avoided the negative charge can be lost through excessive Brownian motion. The result is not always total fallout but some of the gold particles stick to each other causing light blocking instead of the Polaroid effect that a pristine new batch creates that makes the gold appear orange, pink, or red. Purple is the very same colloidal gold with a higher percentage of gold particles sticking together in a loose atomic bond, it is not as desirable as red / pinky gold.

Do I need to use a plastic spoon?: Use whatever spoon you want, I use a regular glass. It is suggest taking about 60mls the first time and allow the colloid time to absorb through your gums and sinus tissues. The effect is absolutely wonderful!

What happens if my Colloidal Gold turns purple?We guarrantee the product will leave our factory a nice red colour and in pristene condition, if it has turned purple then someone has done something undesirable with the product. Do not worry the product is still ok to drink, and will still be effective just not as effective as pinkish gold. We do not guarrantee to replace this product, just to help educate that extra care needs to be taken to keep pollutants or thermal shock away from the product. Red/pink/orange Colloidal Gold is the highest quality colloidal gold available.

My Gold doesn't look red? When you pour your colloidal gold into a spoon it should appear pinkish, or even a slightly different hot pink colour. When it is manufactured it is a strong red colour because it is made in glass beakers that show its density, however at 10ppm in a spoon there is no density therefore it appears pinkish. Sometimes the manufactured colour is slightly different however any colour in the redish / pinky spectrum is excellent.

If it is purple it is still beneficial and ok to drink but if it is clear or grey do not consume it; contact us for a replacement if its hasn't past its expiry date.  

Will Colloidal Gold help my Rheumatoid Arthritis? We are sorry but we can not legally comment on Rheumatoid Arthritis or any other joint condition including joint inflammation, autoimmune disease or joint pain, what we can say is studies show gold appears to play an important role in the immunity of the joint?

Why can you not comment on rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, joint inflammation or autoimmune disease ? The Gold Solution - Colloidal Gold is considered a dietary supplement and not a medicine or alternative medicine, therefore we can not legally comment on conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, joint inflammation, joint pain or autoimmune disease.

Do you have testimonies that show Colloidal Gold helps rheumatoid arthritis?: We have testimonies of people claiming wonderful effects of The Gold Solution however many are regarding therapeutic problems therefore we can not legally use them, what we can say is colloidal gold appears to support the immune system in regard to healthy joints.


[1]. Duke University Medical Centre Office of Publications, Volume 16 No. 15, November 16, 2007

[2]. Harvard Gazette March 02, 2006, Nature Chemical Biology Feb. 27, 2006

[3]. Encyclopaedia Wikipedia quotes .Gold is completely inert to all chemicals it encounters inside the human body. .non-toxic and non-irritating when ingested., .Gold is an approved food additive.


Category: Available without prescription.

Available as: Dietary Supplement

Formulation: Easy to drink, nice tasting liquid

Type: Latest Equipment used, ensuring this colloidal gold is equal to the finest available anywhere in the world.

Our Colloidal Gold is pure and void of any toxic gold salts or ionic gold (gold chloride, chlorauric acid).

Ingredients:  Water, Gold 50mcg per 5ml (10ppm) of extremely small sized particles of pure 24 carot gold.

No artifical additives or preservatives.


Sore Knees

I was totally surprised by the effect of The Gold Solution after taking it for only a few days, I have had discomfort in my knees for years but since I started taking your product they have been feeling great
Doug D, Dunedin


I will conceed that when I first heard about The Gold Solution I was skeptical but after only 2-3 days that skeptism disappeared completely..
Prior to taking The Gold Solution my disability had been worsening for several years, I was unable to garden, clean or cook without help, but since commencing The Gold Solution improvement has been almost immediate, then within a short time a week or two I recommenced gardening, spring cleaning, cooking and without any undue stress..
I'm thrilled, I'm absolutely thrilled, its clear to me that its hugely beneficial to people suffering from [censored] and I would highly recommend it, I have been overwhelmed with the responses to this product, the lack of unbearable joint pain, the freedom of movement and especially the feeling of wellbeing. The effect that The Gold Solution has had on my health and my life has been beyond words.
In short I am absolutely overjoyed simply with living again. It has literally changed my life!
Valerie 62, Dunedin

Keywords: Gold, Health Solutions, Natural Healing

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