Back in Motion: ACC Rehabilitation

By: Back In Motion  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation

Programmes that we offer

  • Functional Reactivation Programme (FRP)
  • Activity Focused Programme (AFP)
  • Physical Fitness for Work and Independence
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Programme (PGAP)
  • Stay At Work (SAW)
  • Training for Independence (TI)
  • Training for Independence Advisory Service (TIAS)

What’s In Development for Neurological Rehab

  • Fitness, stretching, strengthening and balance programmes
  • Walking retraining and maintenance programmes
  • Cardiovascular fitness programmes tailored to the individual
  • Home fitness programmes using Pilates mat exercises, stretches and Thera-Band resistance exercises.

Combat Dizziness and improve Balance

You may have a friend who could take advantage of Bronagh Quinn’s 20 years specialising in neurological assessment and rehabilitation. As Otago’s leading neurological rehabilitation specialist, Bronagh can assist with:

  • post-concussion issues
  • fall prevention
  • CVA (stroke) rehabilitation
  • chronic fatigue, ME
  • BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)and Meniers Disease
  • traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.

Bronagh has a passion for acute and chronic balance issues and vestibular (dizziness) rehabilitation and management. Her stretching, strengthening and fitness programmes incorporating Pilates are all tailored to the individual.

Wee Bit o’ Wii

Nintendo Wii games are leaping to the fore as rehabilitation tool at Back in Motion. They are frequently used in the United States where the practice is nick-named ‘Wii-hab’. The software within Wii balancing, sports and exercise games provides a large amount of feedback information; measuring change and improvement. Staff have noticed people often relate better to the games than straight exercise. It’s fun and gets good results.

Keywords: Rehabilitation

Other products and services from Back In Motion


Back in Motion: Pink Pilates

The Pink Pilates Trust is dedicated to fundraising for the Pink Pilates programme and is proud to be able to provide subsidised rates for all women within 2 years of their diagnosis. All Pink Pilates services are provided by fully trained and experienced physiotherapists with specialist training in cancer rehabilitation. Physiotherapy following breast surgery is important for reducing pain and regaining full function of the affected area.


Back in Motion: Services

Talk to your instructor about booking further sessions to continue developing the programme or work by yourself for a couple of weeks and then book a review session with your instructor to advance your programme. We have found that clients benefit the most from having an initial assessment session, a programme development session and follow-up sessions as required to learn and practise the exercises.


Back in Motion: Golf Pilates

Improving your drive by 20 metres, a golfers dream, but Back In Motion director and Pilates instructor, Kerryn Tutty, says this is a goal often reached by those who enlist the strengthening, balancing, calming assistance of Pilates, with improved flexibility and fitness added to the bargain.


Back in Motion: Men's Pilates

Professional NZ Bodyboarder, Ben McKinnon, is New Zealand’s best bodyboarder and has used the Back in Motion Pilates Studio to recover from a career ending back injury. Whether you are an elite athelete or a weekend warrior Back in Motion can develop a Studio or Mat programme specifically designed for you. Women have been successfully incorporating Pilates into their exercise regime since Joseph Pilates set up his New York studio in 1930.


Back in Motion: Prenatal Pilates

It focuses on such things as breathing and relaxation, it puts extra focus on important muscle groups such as deep abdominals and pelvic floor, whilst also combining a total body strengthening and stabilising workout. Kerryn, Tess, Diane & Bronagh are Back in Motion Qualified Pilates Instructors, a nationally recognised Pilates training centre that trains physio’s nationwide.


Back in Motion: Massage

Maria attends the NZ Massage Association Conferences and workshops to continue her professional development and learn more therapeutic techniques and absorbing the latest research. Regular massage during this time helps to keep you in optimum health, easing tension, preventing back pain, muscle aches and other common pregnancy discomforts.