Course: The Art of Mastering: Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release.

Course: The Art of Mastering: Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release. from arthousemedia Studios:  Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Education

By: arthousemedia Studios: Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Education  18-Oct-2010
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The Art of Mastering: Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release.


Begins Thursday 28th October: 7pm to 10pm

Course run over 4 weeks

Total Cost $240 + GST (payable weekly)

 Course Overview

This Course addresses the fundamental requirements of Finalising and Mastering Audio for Broadcast and Commercial Release.

Students will learn practical, hands-on, Creative and Technical processes, essential in preparing Audio for use in Music, Film, Radio, Television and Online.  This will include an in-depth look at the technical aspects of Mastering, Analysing and Resolving Problems, Finalising a Mastered Audio Project, Industry-accepted Delivery Formats, the Production Process and the Business of Master Engineering.

 Who is this Course aimed at?

 This course is aimed at Record labels, Producers, Engineers, Sound Designers, Musicians, Educators, Composers and anyone with a general interest in the Art of Mastering Audio.

 What will I get from this Course?


    * Through this study course you will gain a thorough understanding of the techniques and processes involved in professionally Finalising and Mastering Audio, from Mixing through to Manufacturing and Commercial Distribution.
    * Practical Audio Mastering ‘Tips & Tricks’ with working ‘real world’ examples.
    * An appreciation of the theoretical principles of Sound, in relation to the Mastering process, including the function and application of EQ and Dynamics processors.
    * Skills in analysing and resolving problems and occurrences that a Mastering engineer would typically encounter.
    * The opportunity to ask questions.
    * A forum to meet and exchange ideas with other Audio Professionals.

 About Our Trainer: Paul M Sammes

 Upon graduating from the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand ( with a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production in 1993, Paul headed to Sydney, Australia where he began work as an Engineer and Producer working with various Studios and Production houses, later gaining a degree in Digital Media from Sydney Graphics College where he continued as a Lecturer in Sound Design for Film, Television, Radio and Advertising.

A long time Pro Tools user himself, Paul subsequently joined the Avid / digidesign team, working internationally with high profile Studios and Pro Tools professionals.  This in turn lead to Paul being appointed to the prestigious Australian Institute of Music (, where he continued Lecturing in Recording Technology, Digital Audio and Mastering, prior to his return to New Zealand in February 2010.

A Musician, Engineer and Producer, Paul is passionate about all things audio and has over twenty years experience in the Professional Audio Industry.

Equipment Used

The arthousemedia Studio Control Room is equipped with a range of high end professional audio tools. These include a world class Avid / digidesign Pro Tools HD3 System and Control|24 Automated Console.

Our comfortable Production and Listening Rooms additionally feature Avid / digidesign Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces. All rooms are equipped with  Apple Powermac G5 workstations running Pro Tools and Logic.

Software includes EQ, Dynamics and Waveform processing by Brainworx, Massenburg, Drawmer, Focusrite, EMI, URS, Waves, Massey, Eiosys, Pultec , Flux, TL Audio,  RND and Eventide.

Monitoring is provided by Genelec 8020 and 6010’s, Event ASP8’s, Roland DM20’s,

Monitor Audio R235’s, Sansui SL-V7’s and a Musical Fidelity Class A Amplifier.

Headphone monitoring includes Beyer Dynamic DT990, Beyer Dynamic DT250 and AKG K141M Headsets.

Course Prerequisites

To get the most from this Professional level Mastering course, we require you to have a prior understanding of advanced Audio Recording and Mixing techniques.

Basic Computing skills are also required.

Priority placement will be given to those who have completed our ‘Tools for Audio Professionals’ Advanced Recording and Mixing Course, or those with a demonstrated knowledge of the subject.


Want to learn more?


The ‘Art of Mastering - Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release’ Course is the final, advanced stage in our series of three arthousemedia Audio Education Courses. Each Course is separate, yet designed to both complement and build on from the previous course, with each focussing on a particular skill level and function of the Audio creation process.

If you feel your Home Recordings could be improved, or you are just starting out, our ‘Home Recording 101’ Course is for you. If you would like to learn how to improve your Recording and Mixing techniques then you may wish to consider our ‘Tools for Audio Professionals - Advanced Recording and Mixing with Avid Pro Tools’ Course. A 25% discount is available to those Students wishing to complete two or more Audio Education Courses.
anced stage in our series of three arthousemedia Audio Education Courses

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