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By: 1000minds  05-Apr-2012

You can build your own Decision Models from scratch or customise ones from our ‘library’. What used to take months (even years!) can now be done in minutes or hours, and revisions and up-dates are quick and easy.

There are also tools to enable decision-makers to consider, when appropriate, alternatives’ ‘value for money’ and allocate budgets (in addition to ranking alternatives and revealing decision-makers’ preferences).

Health Care

  • Health Technology Prioritisation: prioritising spending on pharmaceuticals, devices, equipment & procedures
  • Planning for pandemics – e.g. allocating Tamiflu
  • Diagnosing & predicting outcomes
  • Discovering patients’ preferences for services
  • Recruiting – e.g. junior doctors for hospital posts


  • Admitting students to restricted courses – e.g. med, dental, pharmacy & law schools

Marketing Research & Product Design

Software Development

Procurement Decision-Making

  • Evaluating supplier proposals
  • Assessing value for money and allocating budgets

Human Resource Management

  • Short-listing job applicants
  • Selecting CEO candidates
  • Appraisals for bonuses & promotions

Strategic Planning

  • Prioritising goals, objectives, strategic directions

Research Funding

  • Ranking grant applications

Not-for-Profit Organisations

  • Ranking funding applications

Finance & Banking

  • Prioritising investment projects
  • Short-listing shares for portfolios
  • Capital budgeting
  • Credit scoring

Competition Judging

  • Ranking competition entries
  • Selecting finalists & prize-winners

Business Opportunities

  • Ranking start-ups, company acquisitions & investment opportunities
  • Allocating ‘angel’ & venture capital
  • Portfolio management


  • Points (or Scoring) Systems for selecting immigrants
  • Validating existing Systems

Police & Emergency Services

  • Prioritising situational responses

Homeland Security

  • Prioritising tactical responses to terrorism threats
  • Assessing intelligence material

Military & Defence

  • Priortising ‘special projects’
  • Assessing personnel
  • Recruiting
  • Capital budgeting

Social Services

  • Identifying children & families at risk
  • Targetting social assistance


  • Prioritising investment projects
  • Assessing safety risks/threats


Sports Management

  • Talent spotting
  • Team selection
  • Drafts subject to salary caps

Environmental Management

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Deciding planning notifications & other legal judgments

Real Estate

  • Selecting residential & commercial properties

Local Body Decision-Making

  • Prioritising investment projects
  • Ranking community-funding grant applications

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1000Minds decision processes - 1000Minds

Participants’ answers to the questions, their preference values, and their rankings of entered alternatives and of all possible alternatives representable by the decision model used can also be compared. Their answers reveal participants’ individual preference values, and also ‘on average’ for the group – representing the relative importance to them of the criteria they were asked about.


software development kit - 1000Minds

Extend your approach to assessing research grants or scholarship applications to include 1000Minds prioritisation tools. Broaden your customer-based systems to include 1000Minds preference elicitation or market-survey tools. 1000Minds SDK is available as either a .Net 2.0 class library or via web services. Incorporate decision-making tools into your project-planning methodologies.