The latest development of the valve industry at home and abroad

By: Jeasin Valve Industry Co.,Ltd  09-Aug-2013
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The valve from the market point of view, there are two main: 1, the domestic market, the domestic market is divided into new, expansion project market, market old equipment repair, renovation project. From two market point of view, a serious oversupply of ordinary valves, and secondly, between enterprises competing prices, disorderly competition, counterfeit...... , the market is not standardized, resulting in some of the valve manufacturing enterprises in the fierce competition, a significant loss year after year. From two market demands, as the market economy development and improvement, especially the progress of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the changes in the market growing, enterprises more and more deeply affected by the market, users increasingly high demand for the product on the market and demand, to product development, production cycle more and more short. 2, the foreign market. The foreign market is very active in recent years, the competition is fierce. East and Southeast Asia valve import and export growth is rapid, sustained development in developed countries such as the North American market trade between, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and other countries and regions to expand exports, the United States of America, England, high-speed growth of France and other countries imported, forming a supporting point, the international valve market prosperity and, due to the world the further economic globalization, Multi-National Corporation will continue to promote the development of the international valve market, international trade is the region will become another major feature. At present, domestic and foreign valve market competition is very intense, especially between the domestic market, state-owned enterprises and township enterprises and private individual competition, coupled with the relative purchasing power weakened, so that some companies faced a crisis of the valve, at the same time, some of the opportunities in foreign markets, but also lead to domestic enterprises in order to survive to develop. The United States of America to the Middle East by chance on Iraq, Iran sanctions and export situation of China's valve products, higher quality, lower price, it is easy to enter the Middle East market, exports to developed countries. Therefore, all the valve business, should seize the opportunity, for domestic and international valve market demand, expand markets, increase exports, in order to develop. Three, the domestic development of new products valves Valve product development should focus on national economic construction to develop. Our country "fifteen" focus on economic construction, energy, agriculture, environmental protection industry and urban construction, that is to say, the valve products in the future market mainly in the power, petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and urban construction and other industries. But these industries, the In addition, the valve test device development has yet to be further improved. At present, despite China's valve industry, manufacturers are gradually increasing the research and development efforts, but the product of outdated technology, making competition does not force, the production of valves varieties can only meet the market demand of about 70%. Shortage of low-voltage large-diameter valves and production and demand variety and contradictions in the high pressure valve on the material, and the above to the development of new products, we need to research the old valve business, development, expand. The competition of the market, always is the survival of the fittest. Speed up the adjustment of product structure, technology updates, new product development, the creation of the brand...... Is the enterprise's own survival, development, accounting for the international market foundation.

Keywords: Valve

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