By: Grape Vision  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Vineyard Development

Our vineyard development services include management of the following tasks:

Soil testing and mapping

Water testing and mapping

Cultivar selection

Vine and row spacing

Land preparation

  • Clearing
  • Ripping (if necessary)
  • Base dressing
  • Surface soil preparation (discing, tyning, levelling and rolling)
  • Drainage and erosion control
  • Cover crops
  • Rabbit fencing


  • System specification
  • Quote management process
  • System installation and commissioning


  • GPS Mapping
  • Mechanical planting
  • Running out and connecting irrigation laterals
  • Post driving
  • End assemblies installation
  • Wire installation

Frost Protection

  • System selection (water, wind)
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Remote weather station selection and installation

Keywords: Vineyard Development

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We manage vineyards for absentee owners and locally based owners who need assistance with viticulture. Crop management (including yield assessment, bunch thinning, harvest. Canopy management (including wire lifting, leaf plucking, trimming.