Custom bobblehead

Custom bobblehead from Bobbles

By: Bobbles  11-Oct-2013
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The 3D effect is different. Other suppliers will just make the mode and bake the bobblehead and paint it. The color of painted bobblehead is dull and lack of 3D effect because the pigment is too thin to cover all the base color reflected from the resin. By using premium polymer clay, the colors of our bobblehead are solid and bright. Thus strong 3D effect is produced. You might ask “Are your products different from other providers’?”. Indeed, there are differences. First of all, the material and proofing process are different. In order to cut the costs, most of our competitors use resin as raw material. This material is cheap,cost saving, but makes the sculpture process long and inconvenient. Why? By applying resin on bobblehead productions, one has to sculpt a prototype model as proof. Now that the prototype model is sculpted by wax, it’s lack of color and details. It would be very difficult for customers to tell if the item looks like the photo. Further more, once the prototype is approved, there will be no chance to be modified. Last but not least, after the prototype, you have to wait a long time for the modding and painting process. That why it takes the other suppliers months to make a bobblehead. In Bobbles Australia, we use polymer clay as raw material. The material is the color. Besides, the skilled artists adopt the one-step sculpture technique which is only available in Bobbles Australia. You will see the whole colorful item at the very frist proof and any modification could be made if it does not meet your expectation. Sometimes, details like wider nose or bigger eyes are significant to present the strong likeness. In Bobbles Australia, you don’t need to worry about any mis-resemblances on your bobbleheads. The Bobbles team is combined by two sub-teams, sculptor and service team. Talented artists and superb customer service is the soul of Bobbles Australia. We only hire the candidate who meets our rigorous skill standards and likes sculpture jobs. All the service representatives are systematically trained with bobblehead knowledge and working closely with customer and artists. In this way, all your questions could be answered within shortly 4 working hours. It’s the highlight of Bobbles service team. We are the one and only team capable for this prompt service in the bobblehead industry.

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