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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made. Absolutely nothing to do, except to remove from their boxes!

W. W. Man. UK Buyer (March 2006)

History of the Flying Fish:

Original specifications: - Schooner, L/B/D 23.98m * 6.58m * 2.39m, Hull: Wood, Built: Massachusetts, USA; 1860.

The apogee of the schooners development as a fighting ship must have been the large privateers of the Napoleonic wars, and especially those of the United States.A great shortage of cruisers and privateers led the French revolutionary government to the United States in search of such vessels. The subsequent capture of some of these vessels led to a protest by the British government.Other European nations bought American-built schooners and also made a habit of recording the lines, a practice which gives us today such a rich insight into the construction of smaller craft at that time.The renowned shipbuilder, Jeremiah Burnham, designed this famous two-masted schooner. The Flying Fish was launched in 1860 in Massachusetts, for over twenty years, her design dominated the schooner class and was used as a model by many shipbuilders. To this day, the schooner remains a very popular model, which is frequently built.She is estimated as a 150-ton vessel, armed with ten 9 pounders guns or 12 pounders corronades, with a deck length of just under seventy-nine feet long.She was one of the fastest ships a float, and brought its cargo of fish and her Gloucester fishermen into the habour in record time.The races in which the Flying Fish took part were very exciting, as they were first of all described by Kipling, and later featured in the film Captain Courageous.


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Navigating with a defective chronometer, the mutineers reached Pitcairn Island in early 1790, burnt the ship and decided to settle on the Island. I've absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company and its ships - service was excellent and the ship beyond praise. On August 17, Lieutenant Bligh was appointed to command HM Armed Vessel Bounty, as the ship was officially designated.


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Just to say the Flying Fish arrived and was a great success so thank you for all your help and advice. Thanks for the opportunity to work with Premier Ship Models on Tidewaters model projects. Well done, the quality of the wood, speaks for itself too.Best Wishes to the team. The model arrived yesterday afternoon and is absolutely fabulous. Many thanks - it takes pride and place in my office.


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I found the company on Google, and you have been most helpful and efficient. Thank you for sending the model HMS Bounty so promptly.


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They first landed on the Island of New Zealand on Oct 4, 1769 and for six months, toured the Islands and established that there was indeed two Islands separated by what became known as the Cook Strait. After claiming New Holland for the British Crown, Cook set sail again.The voyage was plagued by illness and ill fortune, and thirty-crew die during the journey.


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