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By: Ddms  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Data Management

The Power of a Picture

Earth and environmental visualization and analysis differs from environmental data management in that the latter is the process of organizing existing data and the former is the process of translating that data into knowledge through the utilization of sophisticated software, scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Because of the complex technical nature of many environmental projects, it becomes difficult to visualize physical site dynamics. Through the use of specialized software and working experience, ddms is able to generate powerful 2 and 3D graphics to address specific practical questions or to visualize a physical environmental condition.

Among other software, ddms utilizes the following packages to create compelling visualizations:

  • C Tech Development Corporation Mining Visualization System (MVS)©
  • Esri ArcGIS© Platform
  • Esri ArcScene© (formerly 3D Analyst)
  • RockWare RockWorks©
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator©

From Visualization to Analysis

Software also enables us to perform analysis of complex physical conditions based on the data collected from field observations and laboratory analyses. Coupled with an environmental data management system to streamline the data input process, these analyses can be done today in a fraction of the time it historically took, while creating superior graphics to explain analytical output in the process.

  • Generating a groundwater elevation and flow direction map from data collected from monitoring wells screened in the same aquifer;
  • Generation of three-dimensional representations to approximate the lithology of a superfund site;
  • Generating a map to communicate a change in bathymetry in a river from one time period to another;
  • Generating a graph to show the degredation of chlorinated solvents (eg., PCE, TCE, 1,2-DCE, Vinyl Chloride) in groundwater over time;
  • Calculating the amount of cut and fill needed to satisfy the requirements of an environmental excavation

Keywords: Data Management

Other products and services from Ddms


ddms: Environmental Data Services

This unique combination of expertise enables ddms to provide its clients with a true depth and understanding of not only environmental database systems, but also the myriad of analytical, field measurement, lithological and quality assurance data within. These projects generate reams of data in a myriad of formats from hard copy documents to spreadsheets to complicated proprietary databases.


ddms: Environmental Chemistry Services

Our personnel can assist to determine appropriate analytical methods to achieve the project goals, coordinate the analytical efforts with the laboratory, provide oversight or audits of field activities, track delivery of samples to the analytical laboratory, and follow the samples through the laboratory to help ensure on-time results.


ddms: Environmental Litigation Support

One of the most cost intensive aspects of any litigation is the simple day-to-day management and organization associated with tracking schedules, finding key documents and working through the mechanics of communicating and distributing data in a secure and appropriate fashion within the team.


ddms: EMIS

Ddms does not utilize a one tool fits all scenario approach, but instead listens to what the specific needs and challanges associated with any one effort are before recommending whether a third party system or custom implementation be utilized.


ddms: Database Services

A properly configured relational database can not only increase the speed and efficiency which data are accessed, but by connecting disparate pieces of data, can also yield new information that is not otherwise obvious. To make a database more accessible to more users, ddms's database administrators create user interfaces or forms which are commonly used to access and possibly enter data into a database.


ddms: GIS

ArcObjects is a programming language created by Environmental Systems Research Institute for its industry leading GIS applications including ArcGIS ArcMap®, ArcCatalog®, ArcToolBox®, ArcSDE®, ArcGIS ArcEngine®, ArcGIS ArcServer® and many other applications and extensions.