AquaOxy 4800

By: Oase  10-Jan-2011
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Pumpwatertankssupplyingan optimum amount ofoxygennecessarytomaintain theproper management ofoxygenin the aquatic environment.Ensuresmaintenance of an appropriateamountof oxygenfor bothorganismsandaquaticplants.Aerationof water reservoirsisparticularlydesirableinwarm weatherand winter,when theamountof oxygen inwaterdecreasesdrastically.

The pumpis powered by230,has a capacityof aerationuntil4800liters per hourand theworking depthof3.5 m.

AquaOxy4800CWSis designedtoworkbothoutsideandinside.It is characterized bylow noisethanks toa strongaluminum housinganddurablemembrane.


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Amount ofairpumpedcan beadjustedaccording toyour needsthrough thevalveslocatedonkranikachsplitter.

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Pump water tanks supplying an optimum amount of oxygen necessary to maintain the proper management of oxygen in the aquatic

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