eTranslate : Website Translation

By: Etranslate  06-Dec-2011

At a Glance
Websites are like a soft shop-front of your business. In the course of helping our clients to create a strong web presence, we assist them in building an Internet and intranet application to address their audience and staff.

Our creative web development team comprises of experienced web professionals who had experienced working with Melbourne Apartments -, Lifetime Health -, Sydney Olympic GamesInfo Web -, Queensland University of Technology - and more.We offer a customised approach to developing your website(s); meeting your every choice of theme, colour, and layout and of course your company's branding.Process
Every business has a different web skin to present themselves to the public of their business offerings. eTranslate understands the uniqueness of individual requirements and we strictly adhere to our web development process to complete your website in a timely, quality and professional manner.Benefits
Your company will have a professional yet stylish online presence that carries your branding to its maximum potential. A company's identity is the key to positioning yourself to the online and offline audience.We need to understand your requirements to better forward you a quote on what we can provide. Upon contacting us, you will have a more accurate costing of your website needs as well as a better understanding as to what is involved.

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eTranslate : International Branding

The result of the process will be a refined list of deliverables for each audience and productranked in order of priority and also showing what information each item should deliver tothe process of sales delivery and ongoing customer relationships.At this stage we would not restrict the audit to marketing and sales collateral.


eTranslate: Software Localization/Internationalization

Since the strings have been separated for translation, it will be easier for you to have future translation of your software in another language.Also, without a doubt, your software can be enjoyed by non-English speaking users. The localization process which involves the translation of the text and insertion of local business data that is necessary to create a language /market variant of the software.


eTranslate : eBusiness Internationlization

Countries like China operate under strict Internet laws and it filters all the traffic coming-in and going out of the country on Internet. This slows down and restricts the access of Chinese net surfers to sites hosted overseas.