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By: Ot Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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Solution Options for the Injured or Ill - OT Solutions - Injury Rehabilitation Recovery Auckland Occupational Therapists Work Place Injuries Accidents NZOT Solutions

You may be injured as the result of an accident, or may be ill and suffering from a health issue which is keeping you off work. You may even just feel sore or uncomfortable. So choose the right option for you, and see how we can help you.

What we offer is a choice that is right for you.

If you have an injury claim lodged with an insurer like ACC, then you can have our services for free. That's right! All you need to do is request them.

By requesting OT Solutions you will ensure that your dignity, privacy, safety and health are taken seriously and respected.

Our Occupational Therapists will assist you to make informed and safe choices about your rehabilitation. They will demonstrate their knowledge, experience and best practice skills. They will accurately report on the impact your injury has on you as a unique person and on your job. They will support you and monitor your steps back to work, and ensure this transition is safe and sustainable.

The Process

  • Your doctor can request on your ACC45 form - “OT Solutions Ltd Return to Work Input”, or you can request our input through your Case Manager or Case Co-ordinator.
  • We will contact you and your employer to arrange a meeting, once we get the ACC referral.
  • That’s when we get started with the planning for your eventual transition back to work.
  • The things we do include:
  • Record all your pre-injury duties
  • List which duties are safe and which are unsafe to perform, based on your current injury status
  • Negotiate with your employer a suitable return to work plan that is safe once you receive medical clearance
  • We can recommend suitable equipment to help you perform your duties safely
  • We can alter your work area to promote optimal work postures
  • We can train you on safe work practices
  • We can liaise with other health professionals about your return to work plan and injury recovery.
  • We maintain open lines of communication between you and the rehabilitation team. Copies of all reports are sent to you and any other relevant parties that you request.
  • We can provide you with regular monitoring at work to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work outcome.

You can contact us if you are suffering with a health problem and have been off work for a period of time. We can help you return to work in a similar process to an accident (see above). The only difference is that we will provide you, your employer or private health insurer with a quote prior to starting the process.

Yes, there may be a cost that we charge you, but the cost of not getting our help may be much higher. Remember we are aiming for a win-win all round.

You or your employer can ring us for an on-site consultation and quote.

The win-win approach applies here. While we need to charge you for this service, the benefits you gain from getting our help should far outweigh the dollars that you pay us. Think about it.

We can

  • Assess your work place set up.
  • Assess job tasks and work practices.
  • Make changes to work areas to help improve symptoms and your comfort.
  • Recommend suitable work equipment.
  • Provide you with exercises to minimise the risk of further symptom aggravation.
  • Instruct you on safe working practices.
  • Advise on your work load, encouraging job task and posture variation.
  • Advise on stress management and work load priorities.
  • Set up equipment and offer safe-use instruction.
  • Provide monitoring to ensure you suffer no further discomfort, pain or injury.

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