By: Osram  05-Apr-2012

The old style light globe is disappearing but not its light…

Introducing the new DULUX SUPERSTAR MICRO TWIST Energy Saver

The very compact Dulux Superstar Micro Twist energy saving lamp from OSRAM offers outstanding performance benefits including an extended life of 10,000 hours, a smaller and more compact design which will fit into more light fittings.

The Micro Twist lamps have a 6 year life (average life of 10,000 hours when based on 5 hours operation per day) and are available in Edison Screw and Bayonet Cap. They come in 7W, 11W, 14W, 18W & 23W in colour 827 (Warm white) and 865 (Daylight). With a new quick starting feature the lamp provides rapid ignition with instant light output.The innovative blister pack allows either hang sell or shelf storage and is made from 100% environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

  • Product characteristics
  • Compact dimensions
  • Wattages: 7,11,14,18, 23W
  • 10,000 ours average lifetime.
  • Available in Warm White and Daylight
  • Base: B22d, E27

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Further to this we have also been notified that due to ongoing improvements in the phosphors used in productionof OSRAM T8 fluorescent tubes the current range of T8 colour 940 lamps NO LONGER meets the COI requirements. Recently OSRAM has undertaken tests regarding the suitability of our T5 colour 940 lamps for use as Hospitals lamps to see if they could meet the Cyanosis Observation Index as per AS 1680.2.5:1997.



Offering up to 15% more light compared with its predecessors, the new POWERSTAR HQI® -TS EXCELLENCE lamp from OSRAM offers outstanding performance benefits including an extended life of 12,000 hours, a smaller and more compact design and excellent colour rendering properties. The POWERSTAR HQI® -TS EXCELLENCE metal halide lamp is a direct replacement for corresponding conventional HQI-TS lamps from OSRAM.