OSL - Single Listing Websites

By: Osl  06-Dec-2011

Why is a website important?

What is OSL Web?

OSL Office and your website

The basic principles of software are carried through with OSL Web. Why enter information twice when there is surely an easier way. With OSL Office/OSL Web integration change to your sites pages can be made, displayed images changed, site criteria modified, property mapping customized to your market, agent and office profiles all updated without the need to bring in a specialist. Properties listed in your listings system are automatically updated to your OSL Web without the need to maintain any information externally saving you time and expensive out sourcing.

Demo Website

With any website you need two things to get going, A domain name (The "address" or URL of a particular Web site) and somewhere to host that domain. A domain name should be something that closely matches your business and will reflect you in the market place (it must also be unique). OSL can provide both these services to you at competitive rates and saving you from needing the know how so you can just work on more important things.

Other products and services from Osl


OSL - OSL Broker

All mortgage applications are created in the system by the Broker, when completed the Broker simply prints out the applications or send via Adobe Acrobat® the completed application to the proposed Lender. OSL Broker™ is a mortgage broker management system designed to manage the mortgage application process from an 'initial inquiry' through to the broker receiving the lenders 'commission'.


OSL - Agent Version

Operating System - Windows 95 or higher* Free Space - 500 MB of free space on your hard drive* Processor - 166MHz or greater* RAM - 512 MB or greater. Registered users receive free e-mail support and program updates. OSL Agent is licensed per user.