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By: Oscn  05-Apr-2012

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Friends in Japan

Masami and Shu and their two children Yuna and Ryo have been friends of mine for the last 22 years when Masami came to NZ as a student visiting Papatoetoe High. We have kept in contact all this time. I have been to see her 3 times for her wedding as a guest. I met her 2 children and last year for xmas.

Masami 's home is half way between where the earthquake hit and Tokyo, where her husband works 5 days a week. He was stuck on the 41st floor for 2 days without contact to his family. He is ok and has just been home last weekend finally.

Masami and Shu send gifts to all my after school kids every xmas so my after school kids decided to send letters to cheer them up.


Encouraging kids to be helpful

One child's mother was so frustrated that he wouldn't wash his face etc. each morning before watching TV.

I helped with this idea that has gone on for 5 weeks now. A competition between boys and girls:

Week 1 and 2 was who got up each morning and  washed face, brushed teeth etc. before watching TV or going to school. Kids earned points each day. The outcome was amazing, so the parents all said.

Week 3,4,5. was different - kids doing things for their parents/caregiver without being asked every night or morning.

This has been really amazing, I have to say and parents are really happy. We have only 1 kids who can’t be bothered out of 38. We also have a cute 6 yr old who pulls grandmas socks up each night for her, rubs her back and takes her chair out of the toilet for her. Other kids are helping with washing, doing dishes, etc etc .

I’m very proud and didn't realize it would end up quite like this.


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How has your programming changed

We try to incorporate a lot more outdoor activities for our children, and lots of easier quicker crafts that they can finish in one afternoon, as many of our children only come one or two days a week, whereas in earlier years most children came 5 afternoons so we could plan longer more in-depth craft and activities.


Training - OSCN

It is our aim to provide plenty of opportunities for discussion, allow participants to share their own experiences and ideas, and we offer clear and concise guidelines drawn from our long experience in training and advising OSCAR services. OSCN has been running courses for people who work in out of school services for more than 20 years. All trainees receive a certificate to recognise their professional development.


Resources - OSCN

The Kit is 70 pages and includes an extensive section on "How the Law Safeguards Children" and guidelines on insurance coverage for OSCAR programmes. So we’ve put together these instructions for various games on laminated cards, held together with a sturdy metal ring. Our Legal Kit was originally published in 1998, when it won the National OSCAR supporting organisation award.