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By: Original Image  06-Dec-2011
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Collating alterations to documents from multiple users can be a nightmare. Imagine a system where each person's changes can be viewed by every other person in the loop and where the final version is approved online with no room for miscommunication.

With a simple and intuitive interface, even the most occasional user can easily review documents adding individual comments and suggestions.

Using PageProof, all reviewers comments are noted for everyone else to see, avoiding repetition of changes. Opinions from each party are recorded and assigned to the person making the change, ensuring all comments are collated in one place to be considered for a final decision.

Working on a new version of a document is easy with a tracking system to ensure the document is the correct version and that past comments are recorded and accessible. A detailed log ensures all user comments and changes are recorded through the process, and to ensure final approval is well documented.

PageProof by Original Image:

  • reduces the time needed to circulate proofed documents
  • increases the accuracy of changes, communicates changes more efficiently
  • ultimately gets the final version to market faster

"techniques and technologies that boost productivity, reduce overhead and decrease turnaround time are on everyone's short list of practices to explore and implement in order to ensure the continued success of their businesses. One of the more promising workflow solutions [for] immediate and sustained return-on investment is identified as online proofing or approval management."

"adopt online proofing to dramatically reduce costs while strengthening client relationships, improving turnaround time, eliminating embarrassing errors and gaining better control of the overall approval process - printer resource costs are eliminated, accuracy is improved and tight deadlines can be met easily."

Source - Online Proofing and Approval Solutions, Industry White Paper

Keywords: Online Proofing

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