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By: Original Image  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Asset Management, Dam, Internal and External

Mosaic is our purpose-built business Digital Asset Management solution, designed to store and categorise digital files of any type.

DAM by Original Image puts these digital assets back in the hands of the people that paid for them.

DAM stores digital assets in an easily searchable and secure online environment. Customer-defined categories and keywords ensure a logical storage system for future reference and retrieval. Search criteria can be customised to a level of complexity that the customer defines.

A Mosaic administrator can grant permission to as many internal and external or remote users as required through the allocation of usernames and passwords. Each user can be granted permission to view and/or download files according to individual needs.

Suppliers can upload finished work directly, making it instantly available on the DAM system from anywhere in the world 24/7 through a standard Internet browser. Any user with appropriate permission can upload files directly from their desktop to be stored for future use.

For the best results, the original image is stored in its high resolution format where it is available to e-mail or download in a file format to suit any need.

Working on a presentation? Mosaic by Original Image converts a selected image to a low-res JPEG or TIFF to use in MS PowerPoint or other application.

Need the latest product shots or a picture of the CEO for the Annual Report? View the thumbnail previews, select the best images and e-mail them to the supplier for use in a MAC or PC environment.

But don't take our word for it. Original Image customers include some of the world's leading brands, products and services.


The facts are proven. Companies are realising hard cost savings and process efficiencies with Mosaic:

  • Independent of suppliers - Gain total ownership of your images and graphic
  • Full control of your image library by remotely managing your digital assets and controlling access to them
  • Eliminate time spent to find and copy digital images to send to end user
  • Allow marketing, communications and IT personnel to concentrate on core activity
  • Create a central repository for all corporate and product images allowing easy, monitored and controlled access
  • Eliminate the PC versus Mac compatibility issues associated with digital formats, and storage issues for memory hungry digital images

Reduce time to market and process costs associated with marketing and communications material by:

  • Using existing images without re-inventing the wheel
  • Tracking and archiving seasonal or regular campaigns for re-us
  • Eliminate courier and CD charges to supply images time and again to suppliers or service provider
  • No barriers to change - DAM systems allow a painless shift to new supplier

Original Image™ is providing an 8:1 return (and more) to companies investing in DAM technology.

Visit the Mosaic website for more information and a full demonstration.

Keywords: Asset Management, Dam, Digital Asset Management, Digital Files, Internal and External

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