Mobile Device Management location tracking

By: Origin I.t  06-Dec-2011

Keeping track of, protecting and updating mobile devices requires visibility into wide-reaching cellular networks that are off-limits to most administrators. As users continue to access business data and applications on their mobile devices, organizations can now use OASIS Mobile Device Managementto implement business continuity, accessibility and security policies on those devices.



Audit and Inventory is a core benefit of OASIS's IT Automation Framework and with the inclusion of mobile management, IT professionals will now have and even wider view of remote managed devices.

  • Single integrated UI for viewing and searching inventory
  • Detailed device information available for drill-down
  • Detailed application information available for drill-down
  • Updated device information on request
  • Convenient management reports


Profile Management allows administrators to standardize and deploy connectivity, security and application settings over the air and thus remove manual configuration procedures while increasing user productivity.

  • Wi-Fi Network connectivity
  • Security settings including pin required, maximum failed attempts and strong passwords
  • OASIS Server check-in settings including time interval, geo tracking and Wi-Fi only
  • Activate or Inactivate factory default options and applications
  • Assign profiles to one or many mobile devices over the air


Business continuity plays a vital role across any enterprise to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity. Mobile Management includes the ability to remotely backup key user data to a central repository with automated restore options.

  • Backing up contacts
  • Restoring contact data


A key benefit to managing mobile devices is the ability to leverage the GEO positioning capabilities inherent within the device. Whether locating due to theft or loss or to navigating the user to the nearest mobile support center, GEO Location Tracking provides administrators the ability to act proactively on behalf of their mobile users.

  • Historical device location tracking
  • On demand location query
  • Map-based interface


Loss or theft of mobile devices is a common issue across the entire spectrum of users. Waiting for someone to answer the phone in the hope of it being returned may not be an option. In addition, critical business information may be compromised as a result of the loss. Mobile Management has the unique ability to perform a series of operations to ensure maximum data protection while also providing the ability to locate and retrieve.

  • Wipe
  • Make phone unusable (lock phone) 
  • Report phone location     


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