Sheep Milk Potset Yoghurt | Origin Earth

By: Origin Earth  05-Apr-2012

Origin Earth began production of Sheep Milk Potset Yoghurt in late 2011 to suppliment our already popular Cows’ Milk Potset Yoghurt. Sheep milk has twice the milk solids as cows’ milk. The yoghurt is very creamy, has a finer feel in the mouth. The cream on top is the same pure white as the milk.

Initially Sheep Milk Potset Yoghurt will be a seasonal product and available until around mid/end March.

Available in  365ml pots

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The balls can be served fresh with olive oil sprinkled over the top, or stored in olive oil until needed. It can be used in place of standard cream cheese and can be made into savoury or sweet dishes. Origin Earth Lebanese Cream Cheese is a yoghurt based, smooth, thick, low fat cream cheese. Lab tests show one third of the fat content of normal cream cheese. Roll into small balls and coat with your favourite herb mixture,.