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By: Orbit Logistics  06-Dec-2011

Turn your cargo and inventory handling costs into your competitive advantage.

Your business is most successful when you control material and stock to optimum levels.

Orbit Logistics can create a logistic package tailored exactly to your individual requirements by analyzing your supply chain, determining priorities and propose areas for most economical handling of your products.

This could be to reduce inventory in order to reduce interest charges or tied up working capital, or to avoid stock shortages or failures to meet your client’s requirements. Orbit Logistics can formulate the optimum logistic strategy for you minimizing your costs and maximizing your profits.

It may be that by re-arranging your distribution pipeline – perhaps having goods delivered Just In Time – or delivering directly to end customers – then significant financial and time savings can be achieved. Sometimes your suppliers are driving your timing in a supply push distribution model, by turning this around into a demand pull model you control.

Orbit Logistics order tracking system – “BSM”, allows access via a website to track the progress of your shipment from point of pick-up to point of delivery including critical dates for final delivery.

This allows accessibility from all parties within the Supply Chain, there are different security levels in place as some parties may only require viewing a purchase order.

The tracking system starts from the creation of your purchase order and is completed upon final delivery.

It’s based on our Freight Pac package and an interface document will be provided for the sending and receipt of purchase order information.

The tracking system works on an “exception” basis i.e. if shipped and goods on time for delivery then will report as part of the monthly KPI review.

Its user friendly, windows based and enables Orbit Logistics to tailor to your requirements and terminology.

At Orbit, we pride ourselves in recognising every customer is different and so are their needs, thus requiring our ability to be flexible.

We will work with you to provide you information services that will create more visibility to your supply chain.

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