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By: Orbit Design  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Animation

consumer branding, corporate identity, brand renewal, logo design, stationery design, brochure, visually enhancing all your brands strategies, advertising, investor communications, brand guardianship, custom web design, animation, catalog, annual report, textile design, vectors

it's up to you.. you can have everything catered for every step of the way

website design, product shoot for website images, content management, sales copy, online marketing, optimization & analytics

want to stand out in your industry?

creative writing, photography, professional image retouching, signage, exhibition design, powerpoint presentations

illustration, free style where image meets imagination, where you can be visually represented by pen, paint or.. sand!

pen or pencil, finished free hand, multi media, computer rendered digital art, animation, huge talent base styled to suit

have your product presented in 3D for your best visual representation.. have it looking real before it's even made

livery design, merchandise design, packaging design, printing and production management.

Any vectors big or small, simple or intricate

anything going onto fabric..

rotary patterns made and found, panel prints, colour seperation, screen printing image preparation, Tpx colour coding and matching

individual pieces

an exclusive piece you need? made to your requirements or already being made.. this one was made out of stone

art for the discerning, outside the square inside New Zealand

Keywords: Animation