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By: Orangepeel  06-Dec-2011

Since The secret came out so many more people are now “wakened” to the idea of being able to direct their destiny! I have come across a lot of people wanting to apply the Law of Attraction, particularly to attract more wealth and fortune into their lives. It is probably one of the most important areas for which people truly see a change to transform their reality. At the same time I have read numerous books and articles devoting at least one chapter to this topic.

In this article I thought I’d share some of the techniques I came across and techniques I use myself.

The first recommended technique is to really see yourself as a millionaire and feel yourself already being a millionaire. Focus on wearing clothes that make you feel prosperous and doing the things a millionaire does, such as looking at amazing houses and going out for lunch. Really focus on wealth and abundance instead of on lack or limitations, not having enough etc as that is what you will keep getting otherwise. If you think you “need” money, that is exactly what you will be attracting to your life: more “needing”! If you feel broke, guess what… you will attract more “broke-ness” to your reality.

On the other hand, if you focus on an abundance of money flowing into your life and you really feel this abundance in every fiber of your body, you will create “money attracting vibes”! The interesting thing is, that the more you focus on abundance in your life, the more the “standard” in your mind shifts towards having money. Combined with the right action you will eventually attract that wealth into your reality. Your ideas and feelings shift from “I don’t have money” to “I am receiving more and more money” to eventually actually having it.

A key factor here is to stop worrying about HOW it will come to you. The universe will take care of that, you just need to believe and focus on positive feelings and vibrations. This will attract the events, circumstances and people into your life to make your goal a reality. Look at your million dollar check and feel the feelings of having that money right now. How would you spend it? How would it feel to spend that kind of money?

A final important point to know, is that if you don’t have enough money right now, it means you are blocking the flow of money into your life, with your thoughts. Your wallet speaks very clearly about the vibrations you are sending out into the universe about money at this present moment. So have a really good look at your own beliefs about money. If your beliefs are limiting and scarce, you will need to address this before you can attract your true fortune. You can work on a more positive and abundant belief system by using affirmations. Use affirmations like “I am so happy and excited that I am now attracting a flow of money into my life” or ”I easily attract money like a magnet”.

Combine the vivid visualization technique with empowering affirmations and the action steps you need to further your goals. This creates a powerful process, and gets you on your way to becoming a millionaire!

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