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By: Option One  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Feasibility Studies


Option One is skilled in dealing with multi-dimensional issues.

Much can be said about increasing complexity in business.  Many issues have multiple inter-related aspects which need to be defined, assessed, and weighed. Then the outcomes of each aspect must be integrated to reach a balanced conclusion or plan of action.

The input of specific expertise from lawyers, engineers, economists, environmental specialists and other disciplines is necessary in many projects.Yet the expertise to briefthose experts and then considerthe significance of that advice within the confines of the project objectives is of critical importance.It requires a general manager in the traditional sense of the term, someone who can understand all aspects, weigh their significance, and then bring clarity and direction to the situation.

Typical situations like this are:

Feasibility studies for new projects,                                                           Marketing initiatives,                                                                    Potential mergers and acquisitions,                                                           Negotiation of long term contracts.

Keywords: Feasibility Studies