By: Open. For Business  06-Dec-2011

  • We provide open source linux-based servers to the small to medium enterprise market. These servers control and provide the necessary services for your business network. We are also able to support Windows based servers and specialise in the integration of multiple server platforms.

  • We provide a full range of PC and notebook products. Our computers are custom built for us to our specifications. We ensure you are getting the correct product for your needs.

  • We can provide, install and support the majority of IT products.

  • Web-based applications are gaining ground quickly around the world due to their centralized nature and easy accessibility. We can provide and installed a range of web-based products to suit your needs. We can host it for you or provide you with a server to host the application. We will handle installation of the product and integration into your current business systems. We handle all maintenance of the product, ensuring your product is up to date.

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