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By: Onvision  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Risk Management


Global competition, corporate restructuring and the impact of technology on products and services compel organisations to review their strategic direction, planning tactics and operational deployment plans. On-Visions’ approach, together with our clients, is to deliver high quality analysis resulting in strategies that are well founded and practical to implement.

Benchmarking is not solely comparing your organisation within your own activity sector; moreover it is obtaining best practices processes and methodologies from a variety of leading edge organisations. The Benchmarking process often provides the necessary insights for radical breakthroughs in performance that organisations are seeking. On-Vision provides a wealth of knowledge and specific tactics on how to select benchmarking targets and subsequently rallying organisations for rapid learning.

It has been said that a man is not a leader until his appointment is ratified in the minds and hearts of his men. Making business managers highly effective has and will continue to dominate the mindsets of executives. On-Vision provides a variety of concepts for managerial excellence. These are based on principles of Personal Vision, Personal Leadership, Personal Management, Interpersonal Leadership, Emphatic Communication, Creative Cooperation and Balanced Self-Renewal.

"The ability to define what may happen in the future and to choose amongst alternatives lies at the heart of contemporary societies. Risk Management guides us over a vast range of decision-making, from allocating wealth to safeguarding public health, from waging war to planning a family, from paying insurance premiums to wearing a seatbelt, from planting corn to marketing cornflakes"

Peter L. Bernstein – Against the Gods

Assessing risk is an important component of developing a "Networked Enterprise" at On-Vision our focus is to develop Risk Management plans utilising a variety of established methodologies to assess risk, risk drivers, risk costs and mitigation strategies.

"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to the lead in the introduction of a new order of things"

Nicolo Machiavelli – 1469 – 1527

To succeed in the development of the "Networked Enterprise" Organisations often overlook the benefit in engaging major stakeholders and project participants prior to commencing with a project. At On-Vision we see Project Management as both an art as well as a science. The traditional approach to Project Management is to correctly define the Scope, Organisation, Time, Cost and Quality of the project. Hand in hand with these fundamentals is the need to identify potential conflicts, team dynamics, organisational culture and communication needs in addition to analysing project strategies, systems, and supporting technologies.

Put simply E-Business is the process by which business and technology utilise Internet Technologies to transform relationships not only within your own organisation but more significantly with your customers, suppliers and Business Partners. Getting your organisations information on the WEB, integrating the WEB with business systems, providing advanced transaction processing and ultimately transforming the way you conduct business. On-Vision have developed a variety of business models based on the "Networked Enterprise" encompassing the following services…

Information Technology, has, over the last two decades been a critical component of value creation. All to often organisations view IT as complex and fragmented. On-Vision provides a broad service encompassing IT Strategy, designing a vision consistent with and paralleled to Business Strategies. Customer Focussed IT, creating an IT capability that is effective for customers within the "Networked Enterprise". IT sourcing, identifying the key functions, services and processes to source and managing theses processes from Business Process Mapping, GAP Analysis and the Pre-Qualification of Infrastructure and Application vendors.

Technological Innovation has the potential to deliver both growth and organisational efficiency. The "Networked Enterprise" allows a number of approaches for an organisation. On-Vision offers Business and Technology Value creation to the organisation in the integration of its Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners. Business Strategies and processes, E-Commerce Services and Knowledge Management provide business value creation. Conversely, Technology value creation evolves around WEB and IT integration, Enablement Services and Business Intelligence.

Organisations are concerned with the effective management of their supply chain from Design through procurement, manufacture, delivery and sale. On-Vision assists organisations in the use of the "Networked Enterprise" in revolutionising organisations through collaborative and or concurrent value creation. At the centre of this process is Real-Time decision support tools that integrate Customers, Manufacturers / Suppliers, Intermediate Manufacturers / Suppliers, Raw Material Suppliers, Service Providers, Retailers and Distributors.

ERP can no longer be treated in isolation to a "Networked Enterprise". Applications that support business will not solve all of an organisations functional requirements, Implementation timetables for Applications vary considerably, as do their 'functionality fit' for different industries. Most Applications do not support the ‘uniqueness’ of an operational process, often a competitive advantage for organisations. On-Vision together with our clients’ look to develop strategies that reflect business imperatives and further enhances the organisational ‘X’ factor.

Organisations are continually searching for building long term customer loyalty. Many organisations have seen CRM as providing a limited view or addressing a point-in-time window of the customer relationship. With the "Networked Enterprise" CRM is an integral component of using your customers data as a strategic tool. On-Vision can assist organisations in identifying their customers’ real needs and define tactics to manage customer information in the development of a win-win relationship.

Keywords: Risk Management