By: Onspec  06-Dec-2011
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Are you a farm or business owner responsible for a bridge?
Are you an employer that requires staff to cross bridges or culverts on private property?
Are you currently taking all practicable steps to ensure the safety of your employees?

Onspec can carry out bridge classifications for bridges and culverts or provide general bridge inspections for farm and privately owned bridges and culverts.

We can also carry out monitoring for distortion before, during and after a project or time. various monitoring programs can be tailored to suit for metal and fertiliser haulage, wellsite construction, pipelines, seismic survey drilling, logging, etc using the latest technology in testing and surveying equipment.

Onspec ltd provide the following services in Taranaki:

  • General bridge inspections and maintenance consultants
  • Ultrasonic thickness measuring, corrosion examinations and non-destructive testing
  • Condition assessment, economic evaluation and maintenance requirements of bridges, culverts and structures
  • Surveying and on-going monitoring for settlement of structures
  • Geotechnical investigations for culverts and bridges
  • Site traffic management supervision (STMS)
  • Confined space entry, breathing apparatus and height work (PICWS)
  • Atmospheric testing, gas detection, Oil and Gas site specialists

Some of the equipment we have is detailed below:

Ultrasonic Thickness

Our system can provide the true thickness of steel from 0.5 to 635.0mm thick using 'Thru-coat' technology, and log data (up to 31,000 readings). With a display resolution of 0.01mm it is ideal for measuring loss of thickness due to corrosion (or erosion) in I-beams, Tanks, etc

Covermeter and Rebar locators

We can locate rebar steel reinforcement and mesh in concrete structures, components, bridges, floors, beams and slabs. Our equipment can also determine size, position, direction of reinforcing and concrete cover, whilst ignoring magnetic aggregate.

Concrete Analysis

We have equipment to carry out tests for carbonation depth and chloride ion analysis in concrete structures.

Precise Leveling (for settlement monitoring of bridges etc)

Using our level and parallel plate micrometer, accurate measurements of +/- 0.1mm can be taken on a structure and information used for monitoring and comparisons after a load or time.

Gas Testing

Our four gas system with remote sampling pump is ideal for hot work permits, confined space entry, culverts etc.

Traffic Control, Event and Project Management
We have STMS trained staff that can prepare your traffic management plans and signage (local road and transit approved) for civil works, sporting events, detours, road closures etc.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how Onspec can help you.

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