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By: One Spice  05-Apr-2012

One Spice® Products -Gluten Free - All Natural - No MSG - Low Sodium

Announcement: The milligrams per serving for potassium is incorrect on the current labels of our product range.  The total amount of potassium in the entire bottle is listed under per serving, this is incorrect.  Future labels will not include potassium as it is too insignificant to include.

Stock 12 One Spice® Only 105 mg of sodium per serving. This stock of 12 very different spices infuse when cooked  to bring out the flavours in seafood, including Himalayan mineral salt, pepper, cardamom, allspice, bay leaf, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, paprika, mustard, celery and herbs.  It is 100% Gluten free, contains no MSG and is suitable for vegetarians. Use for lobster or shellfish boil, gumbos, dips, bisque, on fish, in a tuna casserole, stuffing, turkey, chicken, or chips. Stock One Spice® comes in a large PVC free bottle. Free e-cookbook  To order a bottle

(Previously called Seafood One Spice)